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Success stories

A 4-year study funded by the EU has revealed the presence of a climate feedback loop that threatens to push marine ecosystems beyond critical thresholds. Researchers in the COMFORT project say action is needed now to prevent rising temperatures, ocean acidification and falling oxygen levels causing irrevocable changes to ocean habitats.


A new collaborative European network on age-related diseases

As Europe’s population grows older, the burden of age-related diseases is rising. A promising avenue of research is understanding how protein dysfunction can drive cancer and neurodegenerative disorders. The EU-funded PhasAGE project created a research centre focused on protein phase separation, growing Europe’s research capacity to prevent and treat age-related diseases.

Building a ‘highway to Brussels’ from the EU’s rural regions

Spanning four years, the SHERPA project aimed to connect rural European communities with decision-making at a local level. Encouraging open conversations and idea-sharing between stakeholders, it enabled local knowledge to inform policies on issues such as climate change, land use and the diversification of the rural economy.