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Research infrastructures

Building a cloud-based hub for all things research

The EU is developing a dedicated cloud repository for all the scientific research happening in Europe. To ensure easy access to and reuse of this information, the EU-funded EOSC-hub project developed an intuitive user interface and other tools. Researchers can now take advantage of the wealth of information already stored on the cloud, ultimately benefiting citizens as science becomes more open.

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OpenAIRE-Advance helps move Europe further down the open science path

The easier knowledge can be spread, the faster science can move forward. The OpenAIRE initiative has been spearheading this vision since 2008 with the goal of setting European science free. Most recently, the EU-funded OpenAIRE-Advance project went a step further by making open access to research the default option across Europe, bringing science truly closer to citizens.

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Accelerating vaccine development for the fight against COVID-19

Developing a vaccine is a time-consuming and complex process. But as the current global pandemic has made abundantly clear, time is of the essence. That is why a group of EU-funded researchers launched a platform that provides services, support, networking, and training to help accelerate the development of important vaccines, including one for COVID-19.

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