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Gender equality

A plan for achieving gender equality in the research and innovation system

Despite a long history of scientific achievements, women remain acutely under-represented in scientific research and academia. By promoting the use of Gender Equality Plans, the EU-funded SUPERA project aimed to address the inequalities, stereotypes and discrimination that contribute to this shortfall. As a result, several institutions have already started to close their gender gap.

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Promoting gender equality in science and technology

In Europe, women remain grossly under-represented in research and innovation. The EU-funded GEECCO project has been working with universities and research organisations to take a better approach to increasing their role in these fields. As a result, some participants have already significantly improved their gender balance, boosting research to the benefit of EU citizens – men and women alike.

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New EU-funded research aims to help policymakers protect intersex people better

People born with sex characteristics that fail to fit into the typical definitions of male or female often face a lifetime of marginalisation, discrimination and social exclusion. They are also often subjected to potentially harmful surgical procedures. But new EU-funded research aims to change this by providing policymakers with fact-based information about the intersex experience.

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Gender economics in macroeconomic research

By failing to properly take gender interactions into account in research we are limiting today's science. EU-funded research is revealing how economic trends affect genders differently, as for example in the COVID-19 crisis. It is also looking at how the interaction between genders impacts macroeconomic trends.

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Wanted: more women in science and technology

Across the EU, women account for just 13 % of the information science technology and digital workforce. In a bid to improve the gender balance, EU project EQUAL-IST has developed tools to boost female inclusion in university research careers across the sector.

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