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Success stories

Liver disease kills over 130 000 people in Europe every year, driven by obesity, hepatitis and alcohol consumption. The EU-funded FORCE project developed a cutting-edge diagnostic tool to aid early detection of liver disease. The technique, which quantifies the elasticity of soft tissue, can also be used to monitor tumours, improving outcomes for patients undergoing cancer treatment.


Upgrading digital copyright law to empower Europe’s creative industries

Art in the age of digital reproduction is under threat from inadequate contracts, piracy, generative AI and limits on access. In the EU-funded reCreating Europe project, researchers, libraries, copyright experts and other stakeholders sought ways to secure culturally diverse production of art, as well as inclusive access for consumers. The results can help Europe maintain its position as a cultural and economic powerhouse in the creative industries.

How 3D-printed beehives made of fungus can help protect pollinators

Honeybees are critical to agriculture, yet are increasingly under threat. The EU-funded HIVEOPOLIS project developed a range of digital hive technologies to monitor and manage honeybees. The technologies could help support precision agriculture, and even boost the survival of wild pollinators