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Success stories

By 2050, the global population will soar to 9 billion, with three quarters of this number living in urban areas. Pressure on ecosystems due to population growth, urbanisation and climate change will reach its peak. The EU-funded project ECORISK2050 set out to tackle the daunting task of future environmental risk management of chemicals in the face of global climate change.


Providing the science – and scientists – needed to accelerate biosensor medicine

There is an acute need for implantable devices that can report prompt and accurate data about the body’s chemistry. The EU-funded ImplantSens project developed long-term implantable biosensors for glucose monitoring, to improve the management of diabetes. The project also helped train the next generation of scientists to carry on this work.

Making island energy grids more efficient and sustainable

Energy costs more on islands, as they are typically isolated from the national grid. While greater use of renewable energy could lower these costs, most European islands don’t have the necessary grid infrastructure. The EU-funded INSULAE project’s demonstrations showcased the technical and economic viability of decentralising island energy supplies, paving a way to affordable, sustainable energy.