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Researchers on a mission

The EU is on a mission with researchers to protect our planet and society.
The EU is on a mission with researchers to protect our planet and society.

By helping researchers discover new ways to improve people’s lives, and to protect us from climate change and global health shocks, the EU is building a better future for all of us.

Local action for global impact.

Real change starts at the local level, and supporting local initiatives can have a far-reaching impact when research results are scaled up far and wide. The EU connects people locally and globally to transform these results into solutions that benefit us all.

Living examples are researchers like Dr Natsiavas, Dr Chatzikonstantinou, Dr Panizza and professor of physics Dr Taroni, who are on a mission to beat cancer; Dr van Engelenburg, Agneszka Osipiuk and geographer Dr Zwierzchowska on a mission to prepare for the impact of climate change; oceanographer Dr Gabriel Jordà and marine biologist Dr Kiessling on a mission to save our oceans and rivers; soil scientists Professor Terribile, Dr Soussana and Dr Ing Bispo on a mission for healthy soils; and smart city senior researcher Gert Vervaet and economist Dr Ardeleanu on a mission for greener cities.

By collaborating with researchers and bringing people together across society to find inclusive solutions for global challenges, the EU‘s ambition is to safeguard our health, climate, oceans, soils, and cities. This work also helps create new skills, jobs, and industries for a sustainable and prosperous future.

Research and innovation, vital to create a better society.

New knowledge and breakthrough innovation are helping us move faster towards the world we want, where both people and nature can flourish. Investments at EU level can deliver the science and innovations that are needed to tackle challenges too complex to be solved by one country alone.

Research and innovation are crucial, not only for a healthier planet, but also for our economic growth. EU Research & Innovation explains nearly two thirds of economic growth in the EU and helps to create more and better jobs.

Bringing concrete solutions in 5 areas

Research and innovation give us confidence that the future can be greener, healthier, more efficient, and more inclusive, as we find concrete solutions to some of our greatest challenges. The European Union invests greatly in this, with funding programmes like Horizon Europe, but it’s the researchers that are spearheading these projects.

We are on a mission to shape the future we want to live in, and together, we can make it a reality:

Conquering Cancer - Mission Possible - The mission aims to save more than 3 million lives by 2030 by improving prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of cancer patients.

A Climate-Resilient Europe - Prepare Europe for climate disruptions and accelerate the transformation to a climate-resilient and just society, taking into account the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Restore our Ocean and Waters - The mission aims to restore degraded marine ecosystems and habitats, protect ocean health and biodiversity, and increase the sustainable production of energy and healthy food from the ocean.

Soil health and food - Restoring degraded soils and delivering healthy food - The mission aims to improve soil health in Europe by restoring degraded soils, reducing soil erosion, increasing soil organic matter content, and delivering healthy food.

100 Climate-Neutral Cities by 2030 - By and for the citizens - The mission aims to support and promote cities in their transition towards climate neutrality by 2030.


Are you interested in finding out how groundbreaking research is already transforming our daily lives? Look no further!

Watch the short documentaries and read our 10 feature stories that highlight the importance and success of researchers solving some of the world's most pressing challenges.

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Italian soil scientist Professor Fabio Terribile is on a mission to improve soil quality, with the help of EU funding and 19 partners across Europe.
Italian professor of physics, Paola Taroni, is on a mission to revolutionise breast cancer screening for…
Dutch researcher, Dr Jolijn van Engelenburg, is on a mission to safeguard our water resources as the impacts…
Belgian smart city senior researcher Gert Vervaet is on a mission to improve the quality of life in cities with the help of EU funding and a team of partners across Europe.
Spanish oceanographer Dr Gabriel Jordà is on a mission to protect European islands from the worst impacts of climate change with the help of EU funding and 24 partners from across Europe.
Greek researcher, Dr Pantelis Natsiavas, is on a mission to use technology to redefine the meaning of palliative care for those affected by cancer, with the help of EU funding and 16 healthcare…
Polish geographer Dr Iwona Zwierzchowska is on a mission to develop green spaces in the city of Poznań with the help of EU funding and 30 partners across Europe and beyond.
German marine biologist Dr Tim Kiessling is on a mission to discover the true scale of plastic pollution in rivers across Europe, with the help of EU funding and school children around the continent.
French soil scientist Dr Antonio Bispo is on a mission to increase carbon storage in agricultural soil, with the help of funding from the EU and 22 partners from 17 countries across all continents.
Romanian environmental economist, Dr Monica Ardeleanu, is on a mission to make the world’s housing and living solutions greener, with the help of EU funding and 17 partner organisations from all over…
La docente italiana di fisica, Paola Taroni, è in missione per rivoluzionare lo screening del cancro al seno per le pazienti di tutta Europa, grazie al sostegno di un finanziamento dell’UE e di un…
Der deutsche Meeresbiologe Dr Tim Kiessling verfolgt die Mission, das wahre Ausmaß der Plastikverschmutzung in den Flüssen Europas aufzudecken. Dabei greift er auf die Hilfe durch EU-Finanzierung und…
Il professor Fabio Terribile, scienziato italiano esperto di suolo, è in missione per migliorarne la qualità con il supporto dei finanziamenti UE e di 19 partner in tutta Europa.