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Enrico Letta, the former Prime Minister of Italy, is President of the Delors Institute. © European Union, 2024
Strategic report on the future of the European Single Market points to key role for European research and innovation.
Researchers are drawing on personal migration stories, both past and present, to help inform migration policies. © Fishman64,
Historical flows of refugees and their personal tales are the focus of EU-funded researchers seeking to help…
Spain’s San Estevo de Ribas de Sil monastery is often overlooked by pilgrims on a nearby route. © Basotxerri,
European tourism is getting a makeover to strengthen remote communities with the help of EU-funded…
Researchers are testing ways to remove “forever chemicals” from the environment and replace them in some commercial goods.
Farmers, companies and consumers are all helping spur improvements in EU agricultural production and diets.
EU researchers are helping policymakers reconcile competing demands in a region full of natural resources, beauty and tradition.
A group of European urban areas bordering seas and rivers is paving the way for climate neutrality by 2030.
EU research, which has improved society and the economy for decades, now needs to engage more young people and attract extra public and private investments, according to Professor Manuel Heitor.
Urban dwellers across the EU are having a say in making their surroundings friendlier to people and the environment.
Offering nutritious meals to students can improve diets and counter obesity across Europe.
EU researchers are seeking to expand supplies of clean aviation fuels by producing more from agricultural sources.
A group of critical raw materials may help Europe reduce supply-chain vulnerabilities.
Making diets kinder to the environment and better for people’s health requires root-and-branch changes in production and consumption.