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Finland’s Inari municipality is part of EU efforts to ensure that Arctic activities are sustainable.  © Nancy Pauwels,
EU researchers are helping policymakers reconcile competing demands in a region full of natural resources, beauty and tradition.
EU researchers are seeking industrial uses of red mud left over from aluminium production. © Igor Grochev,
Waste from the production of aluminium, nickel and other industrial materials offers the EU an opportunity to…
Sustainable substitutes for plastic in food packaging are being developed by EU research. © Gorodenkoff,
Cellulose fibres are emerging as a sustainable option for wrapping everything from foods to electronics.
With the race to build a new generation of computers heating up, European companies are eyeing the game-changing opportunities.
Forests in the EU can help green the European construction industry and bolster a continent-wide push for architectural improvements.
Improved cybersecurity defences for electronic commerce have emerged from EU-funded projects.
EU researchers are seeking to expand supplies of clean aviation fuels by producing more from agricultural sources.
EU industries from food and drinks to chemicals and biotechnology are seeking to profit from materials in water after it has been used.
Thermal decomposition is helping to green two major EU manufacturing industries.
Advances in plane technology promise one day to help many people in Europe and elsewhere get a better night’s sleep.
A group of critical raw materials may help Europe reduce supply-chain vulnerabilities.
In addition to generating clean energy, sea locations with turbines could be used to grow mussels, oysters and seaweed.
New machines can improve conditions for workers and boost industrial productivity.