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EU-funded researchers are exploring new ways to learn that make science more relevant to everyday life – and more fun.
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Researchers on a mission
Researchers on a mission
The EU is on a mission with researchers to protect our planet and society. By helping researchers discover new ways to improve people’s lives, and to protect us from climate change and global health shocks, the EU is building a better future for all of us.

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With increasing pressure on water supplies, finding ways to safely and efficiently reuse wastewater is a priority. © Stor24,
Reusing wastewater could be the solution to Europe’s growing water scarcity problem.
Dr Maura Farrell, associate professor at the University of Galway in Ireland, runs an EU-funded project to promote women’s role in farming. © Maura Farrell
Female-led rural enterprise will help Europe achieve its environmental goals, according to an EU-funded expert.

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Miracle material enters the limelight with European help
14 July 2024
Pioneering care for preemies – from artificial placentas to brain-healing stem cells
12 July 2024

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European tourism is getting a makeover to strengthen remote communities with the help of EU-funded researchers.
Greener sensors, circuit boards and other electronic devices are being developed by EU researchers to reduce unsustainably high levels of e-waste.
EU-funded researchers are uncovering links between mental stress and physical troubles, including cardiovascular disease.
A Belgian region’s environmental and social conditions for research funding offer a possible model for the EU.
EU-funded researchers are taking technologies known as “smart wearables” to the next level.
The EU drive towards green energy is seeking to harness a traditionally clean power source – with some tweaks.
Graphene has moved out of the laboratory and into the market thanks in no small part to the EU, according to Professor Patrik Johansson.
EU-funded researchers are looking to improve electric grid to reduce energy waste, cut costs and curb emissions.
From neighbourhood panels to EU-wide exchanges, European researchers are devising new ways to involve people in decision-making in a bid to counter political polarisation.
More clean technologies must reach the market for the EU to meet its climate-neutrality goal, according to Austria’s Henriette Spyra.
EU researchers are accelerating the development of new treatments for children and other vulnerable groups.
Researchers are testing ways to remove “forever chemicals” from the environment and replace them in some commercial goods.
More international attention is being paid to the importance of common standards for performing scientific experiments and measuring their results – a field called metrology.
Researchers are helping residents across the EU opt for clean energy.
Digital records can help make European homes and offices greener and healthier.
Greater gender diversity is needed to advance European research, according to a leading Spanish member of the European Parliament.
EU researchers are taking fresh approaches to understanding a growing group of illnesses in a bid for more effective treatments.
Research into how the human brain stores information could lead to treatments for people who struggle with everyday tasks.
Farmers, companies and consumers are all helping spur improvements in EU agricultural production and diets.
Researchers are turning to two crops to tackle the environmental harm of apparel made with synthetic fibres.
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