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Frontier research

ALS is a deadly disease that EU researchers are helping to tackle. © David Herraez Calzada,
European researchers are pioneering a vaccine and treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Professor Manuel Heitor chairs an expert group evaluating the EU research programme. © Manuel Heitor
EU research, which has improved society and the economy for decades, now needs to engage more young people…
Europe is stepping up efforts to harness the power of quantum computers. © Gorodenkoff,
With the race to build a new generation of computers heating up, European companies are eyeing the game-…
Edible electronics are being developed to assist rescue operations and go inside hospital patients, setting the stage for all-consuming tech to become consumable.
Researchers are going beyond conventional solar panels in a bid to generate heat and electricity from the other external surfaces of buildings.
Simulations of the human body and advanced data promise more personalised medical treatment for a range of illnesses.
Instruments smaller than a human hair are being designed to eradicate antibiotic-resistant bacteria and fight cancer.
Researchers in Europe are working to counter potential risks from nanomaterials used by a range of industries for technological advances.
Compounds found in seaweed may reduce a serious digestive-tract illness.
Minerals in ancient meteorites offer insights into the origin of almost three-quarters of the Earth’s surface.
European researchers are striving to improve the technology that could one day help blind people see again.
Details are emerging about the protective magnetic field that’s key to sustaining life.
A building block of modern society and a sizeable contributor to climate change, steel is prompting a hunt for cutting-edge technologies to decarbonise the sector.