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Romanian environmental economist, Dr Monica Ardeleanu, is on a mission to make the world’s housing and living solutions greener, with the help of EU funding and 17 partner organisations from all over…
Growing fruit and vegetables in greenhouses could soon become more eco-friendly thanks to EU-funded research. © Lukasz Szwaj,
Commercial greenhouses in Europe are testing new energy and water efficiency technologies in support of the…
The combined power of AI, machine learning and satellite data can improve oversight of Europe’s vital renewable energy infrastructure. © Igor Kovalenko,
EU-funded researchers are using AI and satellite technologies to make the continent’s renewable energy…
Greener sensors, circuit boards and other electronic devices are being developed by EU researchers to reduce unsustainably high levels of e-waste.
The EU drive towards green energy is seeking to harness a traditionally clean power source – with some tweaks.
EU-funded researchers are looking to improve electric grid to reduce energy waste, cut costs and curb emissions.
More clean technologies must reach the market for the EU to meet its climate-neutrality goal, according to Austria’s Henriette Spyra.
Researchers are helping residents across the EU opt for clean energy.
Digital records can help make European homes and offices greener and healthier.
A new generation of batteries may bolster the EU’s green ambitions.
The inauguration of the world’s most powerful fusion machine brings the dream of clean, safe and abundant power closer.
EU researchers are helping policymakers reconcile competing demands in a region full of natural resources, beauty and tradition.
New materials and designs can make a leading source of renewable energy both greener and cheaper.