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2nd EU Blue Parks Community Workshop – Effective management of marine protected areas

BPC Workshop

The EU Blue Parks Community held its face-to-face workshop on March 7, 2024, in Brussels, alongside the Mission Forum and the European Ocean Days. Please find here the detailled workshop report including the agenda.

This workshop was part of the broader EU Blue Parks Initiative under the EU Mission "Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030". It aimed to enhance understanding of the effective management of EU Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and brought together experts and stakeholders from across European sea basins.

The morning session explored EU-funded projects and Research & Innovation on effective marine management, including projects under LIFE and Horizon Europe. Discussions also centered on how EU Member States are advancing towards the 30x30 target.

The afternoon focused on sharing case studies and good practices in effective marine protection, restoration, and management. This included illustrating governance and community-led initiatives in the Mission Ocean, as well as innovation and good practices. The day offered numerous opportunities for participants to engage in meaningful discussions.

Why this was important:

This event marked the second in the series of workshops by the EU Blue Parks Community. It provided a vital platform for community members to engage directly, share insights, and deepen their involvement in EU marine protection efforts.

Although registration for this in-person event has closed, stay tuned for future workshops and continue to engage with the community through upcoming events and discussions.

You can find the agenda HERE

The presentation slides can be found here:

  1. Fuchs_MIP_EU Blue Parks Community
  2. Zocchi_CINEA_Overview of EU-funded projects / Zocchi_CINEA_UPDATED_100424
  3. Degraer_Blue4All
  4. Felis_EFFECTIVE
  6. Bramanti_OCEAN_CITIZEN
  7. Lucchetti_LIFE_Delfi_Tartalife
  8. Kasapidis_LIFE MareNatura
  9. Nikolić_DG ENV Biodiversity strategy targets
  10. Banza_MPA network in Portugal challenges and solutions
  11. Poffyn_MPAs_Belgium_status challenges and case studies
  12. Sys_IUCN_Green List
  13. Wahlberg_Baltic Sea Action Group
  14. Goncalves_Oceano Azul
  15. Steinfurth_Vejle Fjord
  16. Øverjordet_CLIMAREST_Coastal restoration in the Atlantic and Artic Lighthouse
  17. Maggioni_Zorrilla_SUBMON
  18. Abadie_Ecocean_Artificial fish nurseries
  19. Poffyn_MPAs_Belgium_status challenges and case studies


  • 7 March 2024, 09:00 CET - 16:30 CET
  • Brussels, Belgium