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Mission Ocean and Waters service portal

About the Mission Ocean and Waters Service Portal

What is it?

The Mission Ocean and Waters Service Portal acts as a centralised resource hub, providing various support services, including knowledge sharing, financial advice, dissemination of information, and innovations related to the Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters. It also provides access to knowledge for all citizens as well as technical assistance to entities involved in the implementation.

It ensures lighthouse coordination and synergy, fostering a strong community of practice to be built by the second deployment stage of the Mission (2026-2030).

What are its objectives?

The specific objectives of the Mission Ocean and Waters Service Portal encompass various key functions. 

Firstly, it involves monitoring, tracking, and reporting on the Mission's progress towards its objectives, incorporating data from different Mission activities. It also integrates various Mission actions and activities, fosters coordination across Mission Lighthouses, and creates space for financial and investment opportunities related to the Mission. Additionally, it establishes a Mission library to share innovative solutions for ocean and water restoration. Moreover, the portal focuses on mobilizing and engaging citizens and stakeholders through outreach, dissemination, and technical support. 

Who is part of it and what are their roles?

The Mission is managed by the Mission manager, Mr Kestutis Sadauskas and by the Deputy-mission manager, Mr John Bell, who are supported by the Mission secretariat, jointly ensured by DGs MARE and RTD. The Implementation of the Horizon Europe Mission Work Programme is ensured by CINEA.

The Mission will seek synergies with all Member States and associated countries (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia) for the effective and impactful use of funding under shared management.

The implementation of the Mission is accompanied by the Mission Owners Group and by the Mission Board.  

The Mission Owners Group consists of representatives of the European Commission services and executive agencies involved in the implementation of the Mission. Its role is to support the implementation of the Mission through policy actions, programmes and other measures and activities.  

The Mission Board consists of 15 independent high-level individuals with expertise in serving public authorities and citizens, and in combining public and/or private funding. The role of the Mission Board in the implementation of the Mission is to provide external expert advice on the design and implementation of the Mission and to assist the European Commission with the dissemination of information about the Mission and with mobilisation and engagement of Mission partners, citizens and stakeholders. 

The Mission Ocean and Waters Service Portal is implemented by a consortium led by the Technopolis Group.

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