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Mission Ocean and Waters service portal
EU Mission: Restore our Ocean and Waters

Discover what this Mission is, how it works, how it was chosen, and more.

The below Horizon Europe Mission Ocean-funded projects are assisting and supporting the Mission in setting up and implementing Lighthouses in major European sea and river basins.

Coordination and Support Actions


BlueMissionAA is the coordination hub that supports the implementation of the Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters in the Atlantic and Arctic basins.


BlueMissionBANOS inspires, engages and supports stakeholders across the Baltic and North Sea to reach a carbon-neutral & circular blue economy by connecting national, regional, and transnational actors from policy, industry, science and the public, creating a conducive governance model to innovation.


BlueMissionMed will inspire, inform, assess, mobilise, connect and empower all the actors to prevent and eliminate pollution in the Mediterranean basin. 


PREP4BLUE will set the foundations for co-creating and co-implementing the research and innovation required to achieve Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030. 


AlgaePro BANOS 

AlgaeProBANOS brings together 26 expert partners, start-ups and SMEs to accelerate the development of sustainable algae products. 


COmmunity Ocean farms and Local Business cLUstErs: Cultivating community across European seas through community-led regenerative aquaculture enterprises


LOCALITY works to create socially responsible algae-based products and solutions in food, aquafeed, agriculture, and textile markets, highlighting their economic role.


Mr.Goodfish3.0 will upgrade an app for sustainable seafood consumption based on stakeholder input and it will employ it in an EU-wide awareness campaign


OLAMUR is working towards a climate neutral and circular economy to demonstrate sustainable multi-use solutions for the North and Baltic sea regions.   


ULTFARMS, a Horizon Europe Ocean Mission initiative led by Deltares and involving 25 members from 9 countries, aims to revolutionize Low-Trophic Aquaculture in harsh offshore and low-salinity environments of the North Sea and Baltic Sea, integrating advanced engineering and ecological processes for sustainable production of species like seaweed and molluscs, from January 2023 to June 2026. 


The VeriFish project offers a framework of verifiable indicators to simplify sustainable seafood information, aiding informed consumer decisions.

Blue Economy

Citizen Science


FLOW consists of experiential futures workshops with young adults, in which their expectations, hopes, and fears about human-water relations are studied. 


Societal transformation for water stewardship via scaling up citizen science by accelerating adoption of standards & piloting spring-to-sea campaigns.


ProBleu supports the Network of European Blue Schools, connecting schools with key scientific disciplines and boosting Ocean and Water Literacy. 


SHORE provides tools and grants to increase ocean literacy and engage students and teachers in five regions through collaborative projects in schools.

European Blue Parks


A multidisciplinary approach integrating science and society in marine forest regeneration for ocean management and protection.


PROTECT BALTIC enables comprehensive, effective, and efficient protection and restoration measures for a resilient Baltic Sea ecosystem. 

Digital Twin Ocean


DTO BioFlow facilitates the integration of biodiversity monitoring data into the Digital Twin Ocean, as a basis for its biodiversity component.


The EDITO-Infra project is building the public infrastructure backbone for the European Digital Twin of the Ocean. 

EDITO-Model Lab

EDITO-Model lab is developing the next generation of ocean models and AI-enriched simulation techniques to be integrated into the European Digital Twin Ocean. 


Integrating Research Infrastructures – Connecting Scientists – Enabling Transnational Access, for healthy and sustainable marine and freshwater ecosystems. 


eDNAqua-Plan aims to collect information on existing projects, initiatives and infrastructures for aquatic monitoring in the EU and associated countries while providing an overview of all national and international activities of standardization and interoperationalization of methods and data workflows. 


Pollution Prevention


The iMERMAID project will bring together smart solutions to prevent and monitor the pollution of CoEC in the Mediterranean Sea basin. 


We aim to reduce plastic pollution in European rivers. Twenty technologies and actions are being tested in 6 use cases. We prepare a master plan for scaling up the solutions.


A citizen science project for young people investigating plastic pollution at European waterways. Uploading data on waste, participants contribute to scientific studies on pollution. 


Co-creating strong uptake of REMEDIES for the future of our oceans through deploying plastic litter valorisation and prevention pathways. 


Autonomous, intelligent robots for seafloor and surface marine litter monitoring and collection, and citizen activation for marine litter prevention. 


SEARCULAR aims at reducing marine litter and microplastics from fisheries by applying a circular design of fishing gears and circular economy.


Address the pollution in European rivers by deploying 15 solutions for monitoring, prevention, elimination, and valorisation of collected plastics   

Protection and restoration of oceans and waters


A-AAGORA - blueprint for atlantic-arctic agora on cross-sectoral cooperation for restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems and increased climate resilience through transformative innovation.


CLIMAREST aims to present a generalizable framework to enable more efficient and effective restoration of degraded coastal habitats. 


Developing innovative freshwater solutions, in the Danube Lighthouse, to improve water ecosystems and facilitate decision-making on water management issues. 


DANUBE4all strives to restore freshwater ecosystems in the Danube River Basin via a scientific, practically-focused Restoration Action Plan. 


DaWetRest develops and demonstrates concrete solutions applied on the Danube basin to address challenges faced by its inland and coastal wetlands. 


Restoration of wetland complexes as life supporting systems in the Danube Basin. 



Enhancing social well-being and economic prosperity by reinforcing the eFFECTIVEness of protection and restoration management in Mediterranean MPAs

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