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Mushrooms are an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic fibres in the textile industry. © Rodica Vasiliev,
Researchers are turning to two crops to tackle the environmental harm of apparel made with synthetic fibres.
Trieste in Italy is part of an EU renovation wave to help low-income households. © Andrew Mayovskyy,
Upgrading social housing is a central part of EU projects to make city life healthier and happier.
Researchers in Portugal are capturing CO2 from winemaking to grow algae. © PIXEL to the PEOPLE,
Europe is seeking to use emissions and residues from winemaking for new products ranging from animal feed to…
As it moves away from fossil fuels and towards climate-neutrality, the EU is placing strategic importance on the market for batteries and stepping up research in the field.
For thousands of years, silk has been treasured for its qualities as a beautiful material for elegant garments. But scientists are harnessing the less obvious qualities of silk to develop versatile…