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Italian soil scientist Professor Fabio Terribile is on a mission to improve soil quality, with the help of EU funding and 19 partners across Europe.
Italian professor of physics, Paola Taroni, is on a mission to revolutionise breast cancer screening for…
Dutch researcher, Dr Jolijn van Engelenburg, is on a mission to safeguard our water resources as the impacts…
Researchers are helping residents across the EU opt for clean energy.
Digital records can help make European homes and offices greener and healthier.
Greater gender diversity is needed to advance European research, according to a leading Spanish member of the European Parliament.
EU researchers are taking fresh approaches to understanding a growing group of illnesses in a bid for more effective treatments.
Research into how the human brain stores information could lead to treatments for people who struggle with everyday tasks.
Farmers, companies and consumers are all helping spur improvements in EU agricultural production and diets.
Researchers are turning to two crops to tackle the environmental harm of apparel made with synthetic fibres.
Automation will play a growing role in people’s lives and Europe has the know-how to lead the way, according to a top Italian researcher.
More effective treatments for snakebites that afflict millions of people worldwide every year are emerging from EU research.
A new generation of batteries may bolster the EU’s green ambitions.