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The Horizon 2020 Green Deal Call-funded project ALTERNATIVE hosted an informative webinar on "In-silico models in toxicology: approaches and evidence." The session attracted over 50 participants, underscoring the growing interest in innovative toxicology models.

The webinar brought together European project partners, coordinators, and the Green Deal project under the Health Working Group, and focused on the development and application of in-silico models in toxicology. Participants included policy officers from the European Commission, and representatives from leading EU research projects such as ALTERNATIVE, PROMISCES, ZeroPM, SCENARIOS and LIFESAVER.

The insightful presentations brought to light the latest research findings and methodologies in toxicology models, and facilitated round-table discussions to explore the broader context and the potential of these models in environmental and public health policies.

This webinar represents a significant step forward in the collaborative efforts to enhance toxicological research and policy-making within the European Union. The discussions and exchanges of this event are continuing to contribute to the advancement of in-silico toxicology models, offering promising pathways for future research and implementation.

If you missed the live event or wish to revisit the discussions, watch the recording below.

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Screenshot of the webinar on toxicology models