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  • Video
  • 07 February 2024

Sustainable investment opportunities

Find out about commercially viable sustainable investment opportunities from Green Deal Call-funded projects BioFlexGen (Clean Energy working group) and WaterLANDS (Biodiversity and Climate Change

  • Video
  • 01 February 2024

Webinar recording: Models for toxicology

The Horizon 2020 Green Deal Call-funded project ALTERNATIVE hosted an informative webinar on "In-silico models in toxicology: approaches and evidence." The session attracted over 50 participants

  • Video
  • 02 January 2024

Sustainable aviation fuel with Stargate

What is it and why is it important?

Sustainable Aviation Fuel is a key solution to reduce the environmental impact of air travel. By systematically increasing the SAF percentage the EU hopes to reduce

  • Article
  • 08 November 2023

Reducing food waste for a sustainable future

Food waste represents a global challenge that has far-reaching implications. It is a multifaceted problem that occurs at all stages of the supply chain, from production to consumption. While food loss

  • Report
  • 27 July 2023

Gap Assessment of the European Green Deal

This report includes the gaps and the recommendations for policy-makers to bring the European Green Deal closer to citizens.

Main objectives of the report

  • Assess the gaps of the EGD towards achieving
  • Video
  • 08 July 2023

Skills for clear communication of sustainability

As part of the Green Week, Transmedia Catalonia organised a webinar featuring five Horizon 2020 projects (GreenSCENT, Rethink Action, Firelogue, Mediaverse, and I-CHANGE) which showcased practical

  • Article
  • 15 March 2023

Reducing Food Waste During Transportation

FoodSense: Connecting Sensors and Cloud to Track Food Waste

In the last few years, significant efforts have been made to introduce new solutions in the field of temperature monitoring for transport