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Find out about commercially viable sustainable investment opportunities from Green Deal Call-funded projects BioFlexGen (Clean Energy working group) and WaterLANDS (Biodiversity and Climate Change working group).


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BioFlexGen would like to take you on an exciting journey with them and their Swedish project partner, Phoenix BioPower, as they revolutionise the biopower sector with on-demand renewable energy at lower cost! 

Discover a groundbreaking investment opportunity through their cutting-edge technology: The Biomass-fired Top Cycle plant. Join BioFlexGen for two engaging webinars. The project will delve into their innovations and explore how Phoenix BioPower supports sustainable energy investment goals. The Phoenix BioPower CEO Henrik Båge and CTO, Michael Bartlett will also be available to answer all your questions in detail. 

Join the webinar to find out how you can get involved in transforming the biopower landscape for sustainable energy!

Find out more - webinars take place on 27 February 2024 and 23 April 2024



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A webinar held in March 2023 "Peatlands 101 for Investors" aimed to introduce investors to the many opportunities associated with peatland restoration, both for climate change mitigation, biodiversity preservation, and as a commercially viable investment opportunity.

A number of projects and initiatives were presented during the webinar, including the WaterLANDS project.

Investors were left with six calls to action:

  1. Do no harm through corporate engagement by assessing whether peat degradation is in your portfolios.
  2. Encourage companies to set targets and measure progress using frameworks such as SBTi FLAG, GHG Protocol or TNFD.
  3. Advocate for policies advancing the restoration of peatlands, such as restoration targets under the EU Nature Restoration Law (NRL).
  4. Champion alternative uses for peatlands that are climate-friendly and provide viable nature based solutions.
  5. Explore finance restoration projects that restore peatlands and deliver community benefits.
  6. Assess the WaterLANDS network and see where you can suggest tangible points of investment or collaboration.

Watch the webinar recording on YouTube, or download the slides.

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