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MERLIN Podcast EP.6 – Water, climate and farming: making space for stream restoration in Portugal


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MERLIN Podcast EP.6 – Water, climate and Farming: Making Space for Stream Restoration in Portugal is now available here

In this episode, they explore the issues around stream restoration in the Sorraia catchment in Central Portugal. Restoration of the Sorraia River needs to be able to navigate the needs of intensive agriculture in a landscape increasingly affected by the climate crisis. 

Walking along the banks of the river, experts meet with a range of freshwater scientists, activists, farmers and policy experts to understand the big issues in the Sorraia catchment, and the ways in which restoration supported by the MERLIN project is increasingly making space for this river in the landscape. Learn more about how work on the Sorraia relates to wider debates over farming, freshwater restoration and the proposed EU Nature Restoration Law.

The MERLIN podcast is presented and produced by Rob St John. MERLIN is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme (101036337).


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