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GDSO Webinar: Digital Technologies for a Sustainable Food System



This webinar brings together projects working on digital technologies that support the transition to a sustainable food system in Europe. Listen along as Green Deal Projects exchange views on the use of innovative digital technologies related to food systems and find out about their synergies with other Horizon2020, and Horizon Europe projects and actors working on similar issues. 

European Commission 
• Wim Haentjens, Policy Officer, DG RTD

Green Deal call projects: 
• SISTERS seeks to promote new technological innovations in production and distribution. 
• ENOUGH aims to demonstrate promising technological solutions applied within the main sectors of the food chain from harvest to consumption (processing, transport, retail and domestic) for different products categories including meat, fish fruit/vegetables and diary. 
• ZeroW aims to develop commercial, digital tools and instruments that contribute to the achievement of food waste reduction targets. They have 9 Living Labs through which they are testing and creating innovative solutions.

External projects: 
• FOODPathS is supporting the establishment of the EU Partnership for Sustainable Food Systems and its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.

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