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Citizen science: empowering & upskilling citizens towards a climate neutral and sustainable Europe


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Green Deal Projects Support Office

Citizen Science has the power to deliver major change in the way the EU Green Deal objectives are delivered.  If we can get just 15% of the population of Europe engaged to tackle behavioural change issues through citizen science nearly 70 million people would be driving change on issues such as air quality, climate change and sustainable lifestyles.

Watch this webinar recording which was delivered as a Green Week 2023 partner event to learn about the cutting-edge research that is seeking to make this possible. It features a speaker from UNEP as well as presentations from seven Green Deal Call projects on their work across the EU: AURORA, I-CHANGE, SOCIO-BEE, COMPAIR, ECF4CLIM, GreenSCENT and PSLifestyle.

This recording will be of particular interest to policy makers, researchers and others interested in finding out more from the forefront of climate change research and innovation.

Watch the webinar below and view the PDF slides here.


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