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MLE on Open Science - Altmetrics and Rewards

Reflecting the priority subjects mentioned by the Member States at the call for interest of July 2016, this first MLE on Open Science will address the national policies and practices relating to the following two issues: (1) Altmetrics, understood as alternative (i.e. non-traditional) metrics that cover not just citation of articles but also various forms of social media shares, web-downloads or any other measure of the qualities and impact of research outcomes; and (2) Incentives and rewards for researchers to engage in Open Science activities.



  • MLE on Open Science: Kick-off meeting

  • MLE on Open Science: first working meeting - types of altmetrics

  • MLE on Open Science: first country visit – engaging with altmetrics in Open Science

  • MLE on Open Science: second country visit – incentives and rewards

  • MLE on Open Science: third country visit – requirements and guidelines

  • MLE on Open Science: Wrap-up meeting

  • MLE on Open Science: Final Conference – ‘Back-to-Back Belgium-European Commission’