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Since 2015, the Horizon Policy Support Facility gives Member States and countries associated to Horizon Europe practical support to design, implement and evaluate reforms that enhance the quality of their research and innovation investments, policies and systems.

The Horizon Europe Policy Support Facility, launched in February 2021, provides good practice, independent high-level expertise and guidance at the request of Member States and Associated Countries through a number of services:

PSF Country (formerly PSF Peer Reviews & Specific support to countries) is an in-depth assessments of a country's R&I system (or of parts of it) carried out by a panel of experts and peers and leading to actionable policy recommendations to the national authorities on reforms necessary to strengthen their R&I system.

PSF Challenge includes the PSF Mutual Learning Exercises and is focused on specific and operational R&I challenges of interest to several volunteering countries. It aims to identify good practice, lessons learned and success factors.

PSF Open allows countries having already benefitted from a PSF exercise to receive support to follow-up on the PSF recommendations.

"The PSF review served as a key inspiration in the drafting of our National R&I Strategic Plan 2023 – 2027, and we are particularly grateful to the professional support that DG R&I’s PSF mechanism has leveraged for the benefit of our R&I policy and monitoring work, benchmarking, and general expertise."

Omar Cutajar, Director for Policy, Strategy and Internationalisation - Malta Council for Science and Technology

At the request of national administrations with R&I competences, the Policy Support Facility provides customer-oriented services to support evidence-based policy making. PSF activities are regularly presented and discussed in the European Research Area and Innovation Committee (ERAC).

To request a PSF exercise, national ministries can contact the PSF Team at for preliminary discussions before submitting an official request.

For more information on the Horizon Europe Policy Support Facility 2021-2027, this presentation provides a useful summary.


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Upcoming events

  • 16 April: Dissemination event of the PSF MLE on Whole of government approach in R&I
  • 5 June - Dissemination event of MLE on Knowlege Valorisation 
  • 7-8 May - PSF MLE on 'Public Engagement in R&I' meeting on successes and challenges of public engagement 
  • 23-24 September - 'PSF MLE on 'Public Engagement in R&I' meeting on public engagement and framework conditions

Citizen Science at the heart of research and innovation

PSF News

PSF bringing science closer to the citizens

The upcoming Mutual Learning Exercise on Public Engagement in R&I is starting its activities. Read more to discover the objectives and focus of this new PSF assignment.


PSF Open boosting Greek research infrastructure

The PSF Open Greece exercise has concluded, and the experts have delivered their recommendations for enhancing the Greek R&I system's infrastructure.

Leveraging Mutual Learning to drive R&I Foresight in Europe

The Mutual Learning Exercise on R&I Foresight has concluded. Participating countries engaged in discussions, and experts have delivered their final recommendations on the practice of R&I foresight.

Brain drain: are European countries losing talent?

The first PSF Insights article is out! Read the article on how Policy Support Facility helps European countries tackle brain drain challenges.


PSF supports Romania in driving positive change in its R&I system

The first PSF Open provided guidance to Romania with the implementation of the country recommendations to boost its R&I system.

PSF Newsletter of July launched - Subscribe to stay up to date!

The new July edition of the PSF Newsletter has been launched and brings the latest updates straight to your inbox. Stay up to date on events, reports, and upcoming exercises.

New Mutual Learning Exercise on EU Missions

A new mutual learning exercise on EU Missions is starting its activities. Read more to discover the objectives and focus of this PSF assignment.

Mutual learning boosts citizen science across Europe

The Mutual Learning Exercise on Citizen Science is now completed and the experts provided their final recommendations for building an enabling environment for supporting, sustaining and scaling up citizen science.

New Mutual Learning Exercise on industrial decarbonisation

A new mutual learning exercise on industrial decarbonisation is starting its activities. Read more to discover the objectives and focus of this PSF assignment.

Mutual Learning Exercise on Knowledge Valorisation - Focus on Skills, Intersectoral Cooperation and Incentive Systems

A new mutual learning exercise on knowledge valorisation is starting its activities. Read more to discover the objectives and focus of this PSF assignment.


PSF Open to support Greece with implementation of PSF Country review recommendations

The purpose of the PSF Open Greece will be to provide expert support to define the “implementation plans” for three PSF recommendations.


Boosting early stages of innovation in Croatia

The PSF recently completed a Country Review of Croatia. As a result, the expert panel put forward a list of recommendations grouped in four thematic areas.


Equipping Moldova’s research and innovation system with ambition for transformation

Experts have concluded the PSF Country support to Moldova after extensive research and consultations with national stakeholders. As a result, the panel created concrete policy messages and 14 recommendations to reform the R&I system.

PSF Mutual Learning Exercise on the Whole of Government Approach in Research and Innovation

PSF Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on the Whole of Government Approach in Research and Innovation (R&I) will deliver policy recommendations for its deployment in the design and implementation of national R&I strategies and plans that foster the transformations of our key socio-economic systems towards sustainability.

PSF Open to support Romania with the implementation of PSF Country Review recommendations

PSF Open aims to create a common vision of the Romanian R&I governance as a follow up of the PSF Country report. The expert panel will also propose a plan for setting up a coordination structure for R&I activities in the country and to develop 6 implementations plans defining concrete sets of actions, activities, and information with a timeline for their implementation and monitoring of progress under human capital and internationalisation.


PSF provides recommendations to make Greece’s research infrastructures more sustainable

During the PSF Country review of Greece, an independent panel of experts reconvened to review the national policy framework in the R&I ecosystem. The summary article presents key findings from this exercise.


PSF exercises help boost Malta’s research and innovation strategy

The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) creates a new Research Excellence Programme and tracks pathways for research graduates following recommendations from PSF exercises. The measures, in combination with other actions, provide research support and policy intelligence, ensuring that the Maltese R&I ecosystem flourishes despite its small size.


Romania on an ambitious path to reform its research and innovation system

During the PSF Country review of Romania, expert panel provided policy recommendations for the implementation of R&I policies that aim at fostering the development of the R&I ecosystem. This article offers an overview of the exercise and showcases the main outputs.

Aware of the challenges facing its R&I system, the Romanian Government turned to the Horizon Policy Support Facility (PSF) for an independent review of the country’s R&I system. The expert panel prepared a set of 10 key policy messages, each of them supported by detailed recommendations. Among them:


PSF Country Review of Moldova: Background Report – Support to Moldova on reforms in the public R&D sector

The PSF Country support to Moldova aims to help public authorities implementing reforms in the R&D sector, in particular research infrastructure, funding system and research and business linkages. 

This background report outlines a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the Moldovan R&I system, the current functioning of the funding system, the research infrastructures and the existing collaboration between business and academia. It lays the basis for analysing the challenges the Moldovan system is facing and identifying the needed reforms.


PSF Country Review of Romania: Background Report – PSF review of the Romanian R&I System

The PSF Country review of the Romanian R&I system will help the efforts committed by the Romanian Government to design and implement structural reforms, which are necessary to improve and strengthen the quality of the national research, development and innovation system and unleash the potential of Romanian scientists in ERA.

This background report is mainly targeted at the external experts involved in the Horizon Europe PSF, and aims to provide them with a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the Romanian R&I system, its needs and challenges, and recent developments.