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Mission Ocean and Waters service portal
Level of governance
Danube-Black Sea
Funding mechanisms
Managing institutions
Office of the Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning
Mission Objectives
1. Ecosystems and Biodiversity2. Pollution prevention and elimination3. Carbon Neutral and Circular Blue Economy

Description of the funding initiative

The Programme IJG/ERDF & JTF 2021–2027 Programme focuses on four funding priorities: 

  1. Innovation (ERDF): To make the Austrian economy more productive by supporting research and development, by connecting research, education and business and by financing productive and innovative investments in enterprises; 
  2. Sustainability (ERDF): To contribute to Austria’s climate objectives by supporting investments, research and advice on energy efficiency and greenhouse-gas reduction; 
  3. Territorial development (ERDF): EU-funds supports the development of urban regions in Upper Austria, Styria and Carinthia. The local population participates in identifying the needs for their area and in preparing the integrated strategies. In Vienna, the programme finances innovative demonstration projects of the Smart City strategy. This can involve sustainable mobility, the greening of public spaces, or innovation services for the local economy. In Tyrol, the EU supports development concepts of local partnerships in rural areas. Measures address social, economic and ecological aspects; 
  4. Transition (JTF): The EU’s Just Transition Fund helps the Austrian territories with the highest greenhouse gas intensity in addressing the impact of the transition to a climate-neutral economy. The JTF supports diversification into sustainable and innovative economic activities as well as research, demonstration and innovation projects on low-carbon technologies. 

Overview of eligibility requirements for applicants

Eligible beneficiaries are objective dependent. Please consult the Regional Programme document. 

Rules on co-financing

Average co-financing rate of 33,25%. Consult the Regional Programme document for more details.  

Procedures to submit proposal

In Austria, 15 federal and state funding agencies are responsible for awarding and processing funding from the IJG/ERDF & JTF 2021–2027 Programme. They are therefore the first and most important contact for interested parties and funding recipients.  

Relevant websites

Contact points

Here you will find the contact details of all funding agencies:  

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