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European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)

Level of governance
Atlantic and Arctic basinMediterranean Sea basinBaltic and North Sea basinDanube-Black Sea
Funding mechanisms
Managing institutions
Shared management by the European Commission and national authorities in Member States
Mission Objectives
1. Ecosystems and Biodiversity2. Pollution prevention and elimination3. Carbon Neutral and Circular Blue Economy

Description of the funding initiative

The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) is the funding instrument of the second pillar of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). It aims to reinforce the 'first pillar' of income supports and market measures by strengthening the social, environmental and economic sustainability of rural areas. EAFRD also finances the EU's contribution to rural development programmes (RDPs). RDPs consist of measures and projects that contribute to the EU-wide objectives of: (1) improving the competitiveness of agriculture, (2) encouraging sustainable management of natural resources and climate action, (3) achieving a balanced territorial development of rural economies and communities. Programmes are prepared on a national or regional basis, and must work towards specific targets relating to the EU’s rural development objectives. The EAFRD budget for 2021-27 amounts to EUR 95.5 billion, which includes an injection of  EUR 8.1 billion from the next generation EU recovery instrument to help address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Through financial instruments, the EAFRD acts as a source for loans, microcredit, guarantees and equities, available to recipients in agriculture, forestry and rural areas who are undertaking financially viable projects that support the priorities of the EAFRD. 

Overview of eligibility requirements for applicants

Depending on Member States. 

Rules on co-financing

Depending on Member States. 

Procedures to submit proposal

In brief, payments are executed in the following manner: 

  • farmers and other prospective beneficiaries apply for support from the CAP budget using relevant information and online platforms provided by national administrations; 
  • after carrying out checks, a paying agency pays the amounts due to the beneficiaries and declares those amounts to the Commission; 
  • the Commission then reimburses the appropriate amounts to the EU countries, on a monthly basis for the EAGF and on a quarterly basis in the case of the EAFRD; 
  • all expenditure is recorded in the paying agencies’ annual accounts and is subject to further levels of control, checks and audit under the financial clearance process. 

Relevant websites

Contact points

Contact the relevant country managing authority:  

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