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Becht Foundation Biodiversity Grants

Level of governance
Atlantic and Arctic basinMediterranean Sea basinBaltic and North Sea basinDanube River basin
Funding mechanisms
Managing institutions
Becht Foundation
Mission Objectives
1. Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Description of the funding initiative

The Becht Foundation allocates grants to activities or organisations which halt, reverse or at least materially mitigate negative impacts on natural environment and on the health and prosperity of species and people. Within this broad area, the main focus is marine conservation. The foundation supports projects around the world, including in Europe.

In addition, the foundation invests part of its assets in profit-making companies with a social charter consistent with its objectives. 

Overview of eligibility requirements for applicants

For grants, the Becht Foundation asks applicants to assess their application against these three criteria to ensure fit and relevance with their mission and approach:

  • Clear and direct alignment of the project with the Becht Foundation mission: protection and restoration of biodiversity in the marine space.
  • Measurable KPIs and specific outcomes that are a clear step-forward in marine conservation.
  • Provision of a phased budget alongside a timetable for KPI achievement.

The Foundation does not provide support for: 

  • Individuals (including scholarships or tuition assistance for students)

Rules on co-financing

No information found.

Procedures to submit proposal

For grants, fill in the form at 
For equity investments, contact the foundation directly. 

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