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1st EU Blue Parks Community workshop ‘Working together for the protection and restoration of marine ecosystems and biodiversity’.

Event banner 1st EU Blue Parks Community

The EU Blue Parks Community brings together EU Member States’ national and regional authorities, European marine networks, stakeholders and research and innovation projects. This Community aims to help identify and address challenges, share tools, solutions and good practices, and promote  innovative approaches, while enhancing cooperation across the EU sea-basins in order to protect 30% and strictly protect 10% of EU sea areas by 2030.

This online workshop is the first of a series of planned workshops. Subsequent workshops will address a variety of themes, from identifying and establishing marine protected areas, increasing their interconnectivity, and improving their effective management, governance and financing. Join this first workshop to dive deeper into the first key objective of the EU Mission Ocean and Waters on protecting and restoring marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity, to learn about its EU Blue Parks Initiative and the EU policies dedicated to marine protected areas. The event will also feature presentations and discussion on the current state of marine protected areas (MPAs) in the EU sea basins and EU financed projects on MPAs/EU Blue Parks.  

The agenda is available for download.

If you missed the event or would like to listen again to the presentations and discussion, please find the link below to the event recording:


The presentation slides can be found here:

1.Strachinescu-Olteanu_Mission Ocean and Waters

2.Balzi_EU Blue Parks_Horizon Europe Mission Ocean Work Programme

3.Zocchi_CINEA_Fuchs_MIP Ocean

4.Nicolic_MPAs_EU policy context and objectives

5.Osipova_State of play on marine protected areas in Europe

6.Martinez_State of play on marine protected areas in Mediterranean sea basin

7.Haldin_State of play on MPA in Baltic sea basin

8.Hembury_State of play on MPA in AtlanticArctic sea basin

9.OHagan_Mission Charter action Ocean Law and Governance

10.Degraer_Science-based tools for MPAs (BLUE4ALL)

11.Mata Lara_Mission CSA BlueMission Banos

12.Pibot_MPA progress in metropolitan France_Challenges marine N2000













  • 6 December 2023, 14:30 CET - 17:30 CET
  • Online