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Much has happened since the Galway Statement was signed in May 2013 between Canada, the European Union and the United States of America.  More than 1000 research teams have started to map the North Atlantic seabed, discovered new deep-water volcanoes and species, studied the effects of deep-sea mining and the changing climate on the biodiversity, created a network of floating universities, shared research infrastructures in the Atlantic and Arctic regions, and much else. These successes have led to a new ocean-scale cooperation, culminating in the signing of the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance Declaration in Washington DC. The event also kicked off the 2023 All-Atlantic Forum in South Africa, interconnecting with new strategic mobilisation inititatives launched in Europe, such as Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters, and empowered future Atlantic stewards to support the UN Decade of Ocean Science and the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

  • 5 July 2023, 09:00 CEST - 09:00 CEST