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Across Europe, strategies and tools have been developed to transform research results into societal and economic benefits. The Repository includes practices, 'learning from experience' examples and relevant policies. All information is provided by the stakeholders themselves who remain responsible for accuracy and veracity of the content.

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Best Practices

Measuring Societal Impact

Impact measurement is for many organisations a huge challenge. The Social Innovation Factory has conducted action research on this topic with different types of organisations that are generating positive societal impact. This resulted in an online tool and

Social Innovation Factory

The Social Innovation Factory supports the movement of exploring a broad range of solutions for societal challenges. From the onset it focused on both social innovation and social entrepreneurship. The Social Innovation Factory welcomes people working on

Coping with complexity

GABEK supports qualitative social research regarding the convictions, evaluations, and emotional attitudes of the individuals concerned. It aims at identifying and valorising knowledge assets that are usually difficult to capture, notably tacit knowledge.

Spin-off Learning Platform

The Spin-off Learning Platform is an initiative by the Spin-off and Innovation team of KU Leuven Research & Development, the technology transfer office (TTO) of the university of Leuven (Belgium).

Integrating sustainability in business development

The Swedish business developer ALMI has developed specific tools and advisory services to help SMEs integrate sustainability in their business development and growth paths, thereby fostering knowledge uptake and valorisation for the green and digital

Industrial PhD Programme in Austria

The best practice strengthens links between industry and academia by offering doctoral students the opportunity to conduct their PhD at an Austrian company or non-university research institution.