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Standards, measures & testing

New tools take automobile AI for a test drive

State-of-the-art software in new vehicles must react in milliseconds, but there are no tools to validate this timing. The EU-funded MASTECS project developed innovative validation technology to assess the timing of software on complex processors and prepared it for commercial use. The technology could make aircraft and automobiles more environmentally friendly and safer for citizens.

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Wettability - made and measured to order

Industrial applications often call for surfaces designed to attract or repel water. EU-funded researchers are devising new methods to characterise and manufacture such surfaces and will make their findings public in a new Open Innovation Environment.

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Transforming fashion through community innovation

The fashion industry has been linked to pollution, waste, and modern slavery. In light of this, an EU-funded project led a series of successful experiments designed to spark radical, sustainable change while, at the same time, uniting Europe's textile and clothing businesses.

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Floating privacy and security in the clouds

As critical government services such as health care move online, it is essential to ensure your personal data is protected and easily managed. EU-funded researchers have come up with a novel solution that allows you to share and protect your personal details in a virtual wallet on the cloud – good for privacy and security.

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Easing the transition towards automated driving

Automated vehicles will soon be a reality on our roads but their safe integration into a 'mixed ability' transport system will require careful attention. EU-funded research is addressing the challenges posed by specific traffic conditions and testing possible solutions.

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