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Earth observation

Using twinning to strengthen Croatia’s institutional research capabilities in geoscience

To strengthen its research capabilities, the Croatian Geological Survey turned to twinning. Through the EU-funded GeoTwinn project it was paired with two other world-leading research institutions and received personalised training in geoscience research. They now have the internal capacity and skills to investigate geological hazards that will benefit not only Croatians but all EU citizens.

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A tiny battery solution with huge potential for Europe

Pioneering EU-funded research on new solid-state batteries is paving the way for tiny yet powerful batteries for safer and better space applications. Industry partners are advancing with plans to commercialise the thin-film energy-storage technologies and processes at the heart of the project.

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Mobile app helps fish farmers to boost their yields

Fish farming has become an important source of high-quality protein. But aquaculture farmers often suffer high losses. A mobile application developed by an EU-funded project offers farmers much-needed, near-real-time support to increase yields - boosting their sustainability and competitiveness.

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Taking deep-sea technology to new heights

Underwater sensing, robotics, communications - the scope for innovation in maritime technology is broad. An EU-funded project enabled research institute INESC TEC in Portugal to expand its capacity to devise new systems for marine environments, which could ultimately help to generate smart growth and jobs.

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A monitoring system for carbon dioxide emissions

A transparent system for monitoring and reporting CO2 emissions is needed to support climate-change mitigation goals. To this end, an EU-funded project is combining satellite and ground-based data with Earth system modelling to provide detailed information about worldwide anthropogenic CO2 emissions and their evolution over time.

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