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An app-based test for detecting synaesthesia in children

Synaesthesia, a neurological condition associated with anxiety disorders and autism, is difficult to identify in children. The EU-funded SYN-TOOLKIT project developed a new method to gather evidence of this perceptual phenomenon. The research has led to the development of a diagnostic smartphone app that could help these individuals access support.

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Boosting electric mobility research in island nations

Despite their vulnerability to climate change, island nations rely heavily on imported fossil fuels. The EU-funded NEEMO project aimed to boost research into electric mobility in Malta. Such initiatives are helping to develop green transport solutions for EU citizens living on islands and beyond.

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Plugging European consumers into the energy market

Demand response programmes could bring European energy use down and benefit consumers, but their uptake has been slow. The EU-funded DRIMPAC project created a framework to ease this transition. The results could save costs and energy use, and help mitigate climate change

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