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Mutual Learning Exercise on Public Engagement in R&I

The Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) “Public Engagement in R&I” aims at exchanging success stories, experiences, and challenges in fostering meaningful public participation in research and innovation (R&I). This collaborative dialogue will focus on national experiences of democracy, inclusion, and equity in R&I governance. This cooperation will equip European and national policymakers with the skills and tools they need to effectively level-up public engagement in R&I policy. The MLE will build on the results of previous MLEs on Citizen Science Initiatives, Foresight and EU Missions. 


The following topics of interest have been identified for the MLE: 


  • Topic 1: Overview of public engagement  
  • Topic 2: Successes and challenges of public engagement  
  • Topic 3: Public engagement and framework conditions  
  • Topic 4: Public engagement in ERA

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