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A holistic model to help Europe’s farmers

European agriculture stands at a crossroads, with farmers under pressure from rising costs, debt, climate change and the threat of cheap imports. The EU-funded project Ploutos sought to deliver wholesale change with a Sustainable Innovation Framework that delivers powerful innovations along the value chain.

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The EU-funded software keeping you safe while you read this

Public bodies, businesses and citizens in the EU face an increasing risk of cyberattacks, from snooping to ransomware. The CRYSPEN project successfully demonstrated how technology developed by EU-funded cryptographic research could deliver new security standards for web browsing through a commercial spinout.

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Understanding the social impacts of automation

Many fear that automation could lead to severe unemployment and that our education systems are not fit for purpose. To address these concerns, the EU-funded TECHNEQUALITY project is examining the potential social consequences of our digital age. The findings could help governments to devise policies that maximise economic growth to benefit citizens, whilst mitigating potential social harm.

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Laser ignition lights up a new era for combustion engines

Until electric cars and other energy-efficient innovations are practical and affordable to all, the internal combustion engine will continue to be widely used, with the consequent greenhouse gas emissions. To help reduce pollution levels, EU-funded researchers have developed new laser ignition techniques, which have the potential to make combustion engines far more energy-efficient.

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