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Understanding the social impacts of automation

Many fear that automation could lead to severe unemployment and that our education systems are not fit for purpose. To address these concerns, the EU-funded TECHNEQUALITY project is examining the potential social consequences of our digital age. The findings could help governments to devise policies that maximise economic growth to benefit citizens, whilst mitigating potential social harm.

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Keeping children safe in stressful times

A free parenting programme based on EU-funded research has won a 2019 Horizon Impact Award for its success in helping families to avoid child abuse in low-and middle-income countries. Now parents everywhere can access online tips to cope with COVID-19 lockdown life.

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Gender economics in macroeconomic research

By failing to properly take gender interactions into account in research we are limiting today's science. EU-funded research is revealing how economic trends affect genders differently, as for example in the COVID-19 crisis. It is also looking at how the interaction between genders impacts macroeconomic trends.

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A programme for prospective professors

Preparing for a career in academia? The opportunity to acquire training in areas as varied as ethics, writing and team management can help to pave the way, say the coordinators of an EU-funded programme that supported 29 promising postdocs. A follow-on project is under way.

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What teachers can learn from teens in a transmedia world

Transliteracy, or the ability to read, write and interact across diverse platforms, tools and media including print, radio, TV and digital channels, has come to symbolise the gap emerging between modernity and tradition, and how this plays out in schools and society. International research has now shed light on what has become one of the hottest subjects today; the evolution of learning in the transmedia digital age, and how it affects (and is affected by) youths.

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