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Low-cost sensors offer improved monitoring of air quality

Airborne pollutants are a threat to researchers and citizens alike. Using low-cost sensing technologies, the EU-funded VIDIS project hopes to deliver more accurate assessments of particulate matter exposure. Routine monitoring of air quality could offer significant health benefits for EU citizens.

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New, all-electric car ferry could replace polluting diesel ferries

The diesel ferries used to transport people and vehicles from point A to point B produce a lot of air pollution. But a new all-electric, pollution-free car ferry designed by the EU-funded E-ferry project has proven capable of effectively replacing these diesel models. As a result, passengers across Europe could soon be commuting via sustainable, quiet, and smog-free electric ferries.

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A monitoring system for carbon dioxide emissions

A transparent system for monitoring and reporting CO2 emissions is needed to support climate-change mitigation goals. To this end, an EU-funded project is combining satellite and ground-based data with Earth system modelling to provide detailed information about worldwide anthropogenic CO2 emissions and their evolution over time.

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