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Allergy & asthma

Low-cost sensors offer improved monitoring of air quality

Airborne pollutants are a threat to researchers and citizens alike. Using low-cost sensing technologies, the EU-funded VIDIS project hopes to deliver more accurate assessments of particulate matter exposure. Routine monitoring of air quality could offer significant health benefits for EU citizens.

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How best to help people stop smoking?

The dangers of smoking are widely recognised, but what interventions work best to help people quit this deadly habit? EU-funded researchers are assessing a range of existing approaches and new cessation treatments. The results will inform public health policy in Europe and the wider world.

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A breath of FRESH AIR for tackling lung diseases

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is now the third leading cause of death worldwide, particularly in low-income settings. EU-funded researchers are working to improve outcomes for populations across the world by ensuring the implementation of best practice based on scientific evidence.

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