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Success stories

Whilst the technology for seamlessly integrating photovoltaics into traditional building parts is already there, its cost has so far been enough for landlords and investors to get cold feet. But that could change thanks to innovation under the EU-funded BIPVBOOST project.


A holistic model to help Europe’s farmers

European agriculture stands at a crossroads, with farmers under pressure from rising costs, debt, climate change and the threat of cheap imports. The EU-funded project Ploutos sought to deliver wholesale change with a Sustainable Innovation Framework that delivers powerful innovations along the value chain.

A close look at space dust reveals hints about our solar system’s origin

Asteroids, comets and meteors are remnants of our cosmic past. Now, EU researchers have pioneered new analytical techniques that could help us better understand what they are made of. What’s more, this information could provide vital insights into the formation and evolution of our solar system.