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Innovative Europe Hub 2019

The programme and video recordings of the Hub at the 2019 EU Research and Innovation days

The first annual European Research and Innovation Days took place in Brussels on 24-26 September 2019. The event brought together stakeholders, policy makers and thought leaders to debate and shape the future research and innovation landscape. See the videos, pictures and speakers to get a flavour of the event.


EIC Pathfinder and Accelerator: Supporting innovation in Europe

Speakers: Jean-David MALO, Jerzy LANGER, Kerstin BOCK, Marja MAKAROW, Carlos OLIVEIRA, Nicolas SABATIER

A crash course in understanding the European Innovation Council: what is it? How it can help your research and business in the future? How will it change with the new framework programme to best serve innovation across the entire innovation chain.

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Eyes on the Innovation prize

Speakers: Marco ZAPPALORTO, Eric MARSHALL, Fabienne GAUTIER, Michela MAGAS

This dedicated session will focus on prizes. The philanthropic sector has a long history with prize giving in the area of research and this tool has also been utilised by the European Commission. This session will aim to explore the experience of both the Commission and the philanthropic sector and to understand how both actors could work together on a joint prize and reflect on the future use of prizes.

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EIC Pathfinder showcases: new materials (I) and digital technologies (II)


Knowledge is key. Network, share and discuss your futuristic FET vision with like-minded researchers, policy-makers and potential investors in these thematic workshops.

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EIC Pathfinder showcases: medical & neuro-technologies (I) and energy & environment (II)


Knowledge is key. Network, share and discuss your futuristic FET vision with like-minded researchers, policy-makers and potential investors in these thematic workshops.

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Innovation Ecosystem Scaling Up: nurturing European start-ups to scale-up

Speakers: Isidro LASO BALLESTEROS, Ricardo SILVA, Fabio TENTORI, Niclas HOLMBERG, Bindi KARIA

As part of Horizon Europe’s Innovation Ecosystems activities, the Scaling Up programme will support European tech start-ups to thrive across Europe and internationally. The session will address the problems breakthrough start-ups face on their way to scale-up and explore how the Scaling Up can best support them to become future scalers and unicorns.

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Making the leap: From lab to radical and disruptive innovation with the EIC Pathfinder

Speakers: Fredrik HÖRSTEDT, Pawel LUKOWICZ, Anders KRISTENSEN, Arianna VIGNATI, Bo Svarrer HANSEN, Jürgen JÄHNERT, Ana MAIQUES

Discussing how the EIC enables the path from research to market.

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EIC matchmaking of corporates and innovative SMEs/startups

Speakers: Catalina BALSEIRO, Priya GUHA, Mark REDSHAW, Manuel MENDIGUTÍA

How large corporations can take advantage of the innovation that SMEs and startups bring? Conversely: how can SMEs and start-ups learn from larger businesses? What is the role of the EIC in fostering this collaboration?

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Innovation Radar Prize 2019 – Gather around! Pitching contest between innovative spin-offs, startups, SMEs

Speakers: Gerard VAN DER HOEVEN, Carlos BARTOLO, Aurélia ISLIMYE, Maria Teresa CUNHA, Arnaud DE LA TOUR, Egert VALMRA

The Innovation Radar (IR) is a European Commission initiative which identifies high potential innovations and innovators in EU-funded research and innovation projects. Using the radar, 36 of the best EU-funded innovators have been identified to compete with their EU-funded innovation for the Innovation Radar Prize 2019.

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Top tips as you start trading on the stock exchange

Speakers: Alexandre SABOUNDJIAN, Cecilia DRIVING, Agnieszka STASIAKOWSKA, Camille LECA, Jesús GONZÁLEZ, Barbara LUNGHI

Explaining the ways and conditions to make a successful IPO. Speakers include stock exchange representatives, intermediaries, and listed companies.

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European Structural Funds for ecosystems and interregional partnerships

Speakers: Katja REPPEL

How does the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) support business incubators across Europe and facilitate the growth of your SME. How to find the relevant ERDF managing authorities who can provide start-up and growth support in your country or region.

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IP and licensing: Knowledge sharing for best practice and efficiency

Speakers: Špela STRES, Jörg SCHERER, Alessandro FAZIO, Viorel PECA

The session will briefly address patenting in view of the decision-making process of the "to publish or to perish" dilemma, commonly met by researchers worldwide. Other ways of protecting the body of knowledge will be mentioned in connection to the possible types of collaborations with third parties. Where find support and assistance?

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Making the most of EIC coaching and acceleration services

Speakers: Hugo MACEDO, Wolfgang WOHLSEIN, Agnieszka STASIAKOWSKA

Struggling to develop a new business is a lonely venture. EIC is offering peace of mind and confidence to reach your goal. You will hear how business coach Wolfgang Wohlsein helped Hugo Macedo, CEO of Smart Separations develop vision and find direction. The start-up is now using EIC Acceleration services to find partnerships in corporate business networks.

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Green, clean, innovative: New EU funding instruments

Speakers: Julia REINAUD, Christian HOLZLEITNER, Stéphane OUAKI

The session will focus on new funding instruments to drive sustainability investments, in particular the energy transition. DG CLIMA will focus on explaining the funding opportunities the Innovation Fund offers for innovative projects in the eligible sectors. DG RTD will outline relevant initiatives, in particular InnovFin Energy Demonstration Projects (InnovFin EDP), and the new equity fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures – Europe (BEV-E) – a partnership between BEV and the Commission.

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EIT: Powering Europe’s entrepreneurs

Speakers: Martin KERN, Kurt HÖLLER, Jean-David MALO, Taavi MADIBERK

Discover opportunities to grow and scale your venture with the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), Europe’s largest innovation community dedicated to finding innovative solutions to some of Europe’s greatest challenges.

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How to stimulate the equity market to finance start-ups for breakthrough and disruptive innovation

Speakers: Francisco VELÁZQUEZ

This session will give an overview of the challenges and opportunities of Europe as a market for venture Capitalists, its unique added value and market specificities as well as the European initiatives.

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EIC Accelerator: Blended finance to develop and scale-up your innovative company

Speakers: Jean-David MALO, Monika LESSL, Anita Krohn TRAASETH, Nicolas SABATIER

This session will explain how the EIC will offer blended finance (grants, or grants and equity) for breakthrough innovation.

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Access to finance: COSME’s financial instruments and guidance for SMEs

Speakers: Raffaella BRUZZONE, Georg RAAB

How the EU can help SMEs to strengthen their capacities for accessing finance, and how to benefit from the COSME financial instruments and other EU supported debt and equity schemes.

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Enterprise Europe Network: here to help!

Speakers: Maxine ADAM, André GUERIN MOREIRA, Sylvain MASSIP

Discover how the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) can help your business innovate and grow on an international scale. It is the world’s largest support network for SMEs with growth ambitions. Embedded in more than 600 business organisations worldwide, EEN combines international business expertise with local knowledge to help SMEs take their innovation into new markets.

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Startup Europe: Connecting digital startups, investors, accelerators, entrepreneurs and corporates

Speakers: Catalin TICHERU, Bogdan CEOBANU

Over the years, Startup Europe has played an active role in building and bridging communities of startups and entrepreneurs across Europe. Equally, as part of the Digital Single Market strategy, Startup Europe has played a substantial role in raising the profile of European startups and innovative technology businesses, their needs and challenges with policymakers.

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Optimise your innovation results: the Innovation Radar and the 'Horizon' Results Platform

Speakers: Stéphane N'DONG

How the Innovation Radar can help you find high potential innovations and key innovators funded by EU funding. The Horizon Results Platform highlights successfull research results that can be used for other researchers, innovators and analysts.

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Public procurement for SMEs: Get ready to innovate!

Speakers: Jorge GONZALEZ, Tonny VELIN, Celine SAINT OLIVE, Timo ALALÄÄKKÖLÄ, Bertrand WERT

Looking at existing experimentations/initiatives to link procurement power (14% of GDP (+/- €1.3 trillion per year)) to the support of innovative/disruptive European SMEs, this session will bring together public buyers and SMEs to discuss their experience and how the European Commission should support them to elaborate innovative solution for public procurement in their ecosystems ; and reflect how the European Commission should appropriately support innovative public procurement for SMEs within the European Innovation Council.

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Boost your visibility with the European Investments Projects Portal

Speakers: Filipa RAMALHO

A Commission matchmaking portal that can help you reach potential investors worldwide.

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