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European Research and Innovation days 2019

The programme and video recordings of the 2019 edition

The first annual European Research and Innovation Days took place in Brussels on 24-26 September 2019. The event brought together stakeholders, policy makers and thought leaders to debate and shape the future research and innovation landscape. See the videos, pictures and speakers to get a flavour of the event.


Cluster 1 health

Tomorrow’s technologies for today’s health

Speakers: Guido RASI, Martijntje BAKKER, Marco MARSELLA

Exciting new technologies and approaches are emerging. What is needed to promote their uptake into healthcare systems, to ensure that citizens and patients benefit from them?

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Healthy environment, healthy people

Speakers: Thomas JAKL, Moderator Veronica MANFREDI, Irene NORSTEDT

This session will discuss the links between our health and the environment we live and work in. The needs for research to understand the complex relationships will be discussed in view of enabling the right policy decisions to be taken for a sustainable future. Participants will be invited to express their opinion on how scientific evidence can be best be turned into action to achieve impact during the life-span of Horizon Europe and what type of research and innovation actions this will require.

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Data for Health

Speakers: Ivo GUT (Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico, Edwin MORLEY FLETCHER, Karim LEKADIR, Nick SCHNEIDER, Loubna BOUARFA, Claire LAMOTTE

The digital revolution offers an unprecedented opportunity to use data-driven innovation for tackling healthcare challenges and enable a truly personalised, patient-centred health and care.

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Staying healthy in a fast-moving world

Speakers: Antti HAUTANIEMI

Join the debate on the factors influencing lifelong human development and health, and the positive approaches of coping with the global challenge of an ageing society.

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Health systems: from research output to societal impact

Speakers: Maria Pilar AGUAR FERNANDEZ, Esteban DE MANUEL KEENOY, Sylvain GIRAUD, Henrique MARTINS, Martin MCKEE, Maureen RUTTEN-VAN MOLKEN

Reforming health and care systems is a priority addressed at every governance level. Yet, efforts are fragmented,uncoordinated and need to be upscaled. We will debate how to create a continued innovation cycle to translate research output into societal impact.

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Tackling non-communicable diseases

Speakers: Christine BERLING, Bente MIKKELSEN, Karim BERKOUK

The session’s objective is to shape the future research and innovation landscape on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and discuss how can R&I tackle the health and socio-economic burden posed by NCDs.

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Tackling Rare diseases

Speakers: Anne PAOLETTI, Andrzej RYŚ, Daria JULKOWSKA, Anna LONNROTH

The EU has been highly successful in bringing together scattered resources and expertise on rare diseases. What are the strategic choices fostering the R&I ecosystem to develop better solutions for prevention, diagnosis and treatment for rare diseases?

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Our health, Our Society

Speakers: Soumya SWAMINATHAN, Anne BUCHER, Tsveta SCHYNS-LIHARSKA, Manfred LUCHA, Usman KHAN

or the citizen/patient, what are the priorities ? To survive at any costs, not to be a burden to family / society, to contribute to society (work, social interaction, research)? A long healthy life as opposed to (just) a long life ? Demographics, climate change, emigration, radicalism, globalisation, inequities. How are the trends impacting our health, our lives and our societies ? What is emerging from publicly and privately funded research and innovations that will help us monitor, understand, mitigate, overcome, leverage or benefit from these trends and their effects ? What can policy-makers do to bring about or manage the changes that will affect our health and our society to provide the best health care for all.

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Tackling infectious diseases & anti-microbial resistance

Speakers: Marie-Paule KIENY, John- Arne RØTTINGEN, John F. RYAN

As part of the consultation process for the strategic programming (2021-2024) of the Health cluster of Horizon Europe, this session will focus on infectious diseases including the high death toll of poverty related diseases, the threats of emerging infectious diseases and the rising impact of antimicrobial resistance.

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Quality health care for all


This session will present the challenges that health systems face to remain fiscally sustainable while providing innovative quality health care to all - and how R&I can help make health systems more responsive to people’s needs.

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Personalised Medicine and the regional dynamic

Speakers: Fabienne GAUTIER, Katja REPPEL, Gianni D'ERRICO, Kathleen D'HONDT, Jan-Ingvar JÖNSSON, Henriette HANSEN

A showcase of R&I efforts in personalised medicine, discussing the roll out of personalised medicine approaches in the health systems, including at the level of national or regional authorities.

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For an innovative and globally competitive health care industry


Prospective actions to strengthen European health industry and accelerate development of safe and effective healthcare innovations for unmet public health needs.

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Cluster 2-3 culture, creativity and inclusive societies and civil security for society

Me and my society – Integrating social sciences and humanities

Speakers: Tobias Bade STRØM, Jane OHLMEYER, Nina BRAUN

The session will take stock of the impact of Social Sciences and Humanities as a cross-cutting issue in Horizon 2020 and the future Horizon Europe. It will particularly explore avenues for the future place of SSH in science and research policy.

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Changing societies: tackling the socio-economic transformations in Europe

Speakers: Diane COYLE, Basudeb CHAUDHURI, Liam PATUZZI

Join the debate on the main socio-economic transformations in Europe: the evolution of work, productivity, growth; rising inequalities; opportunities and challenges of migration in times of change; deep impact of technological transformations.

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Security research: Ensuring security and privacy in a digitising world

Speakers: Alexey KIRICHENKO, Stephanie WEHNER, Miguel GONZALEZ-SANCHO, Liisa PAST

How to foster the uptake of R&I results by digital products and services, ensuring cybersecurity in due respect of privacy and data protection, in line with EU values.

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Think gender, think different

Speakers: Kurt VANDENBERGHE, Marcela LINKOVÁ, Mathias Wullum NIELSEN

How to best implement the integration of the gender dimension in research and innovation content across Horizon Europe? This session will showcase concrete achievements already made through Horizon 2020 projects, and explore key areas for Horizon Europe.

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Me and my society - Cultural heritage

Speakers: Hilde DE CLERCQ, Gábor SONKOLY, Pascal LIÉVAUX, Piero GASTALDO, Anne BAJART

The session will be an exchange of views on the challenges ahead. Its aim is to ensure the creation, preservation and accessibility of cultural heritage for future generations, taking into consideration the needs of the content and creative industries, as well as the use and reuse of cultural heritage digital assets.

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Me and my society - Democracy and governance

Speakers: Wolfgang MERKEL, Thomas POELL, Matthias REITER-PÁZMÁNDY, Heather GRABBE

How will democracy and governance issues be addressed in Horizon Europe? Among others, we will discuss the role of academia in multi-stakeholder dialogues and policy fora on democracy and governance; and the state of the art of relevant research in this sector.

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Security research: involving users in research to increase impact

Speakers: Matthias OEL, Cheryl BAKER, Maite BOYERO EGIDO, Alberto DE BENEDICTIS, Patrick PADDING

This session will collect stakeholders' views on how the participation of security practitioners in project consortia can make security research more fit to the end-users' requirements.

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Cluster 4 digital, industry and space

Open innovation, open source and Intellectual Property

Speakers: Mikko HUUSKONEN, Stephen ROWAN, Anne WORSOE

What are new emerging practices and tools to better promote knowledge flows and to combine open innovation, open source and the protection and value creation of Intellectual Property? What are the challenges in and for Europe today?

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Materials enabling carbon neutrality

Speakers: Gabriele CENTI, Robert SCHLOEGL, Anne Chloe DEVIC, Laurent ANTONI, Arnaud CHAPERON

How to reduce the carbon footprint? Let's discuss ideas from replacing our carbon-based energy generation with new sustainable methods, to reducing the consumption by energy-intensive industries.

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It's a bio World

Speakers: Clara DE LA TORRE, Fernando MORENO-HERRERO, Kristala PRATHER, Cecilia LASCHI, Korneel RABAEY, Marileen DOGTEROM, Kerstin FUNCK

The horizon beyond bioeconomy: the role of nature and biology through research and innovation to shape the next industrial revolution.

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Breakthrough Tech – back to the future

Speakers: Pearse O'DONOHUE, Muriel ATTANÉ, John- Arne RØTTINGEN, Thierry BOTTER, Julian MÜLLER, Eva GARCÍA MUNTIÓN, Peter DRÖLL

What is next on the technology horizon for industry? Come and learn about emerging technologies and best practices for industry to stay ahead in the race for technological leadership.

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Internet of the future: preserving EU values while harnessing digital progress


Today, the internet is key to almost any social or economic activity. As major enabler for digital transformation, smart networks and services are expected to be a decisive factor for Europe's digital society as well as our competitiveness and strategic autonomy in the next decade. How can R&I shape the Next-Generation Internet and empower new connectivity-based ecosystems that embody our main values?

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Together we are cleaner: Industry for a zero waste economy

Speakers: Valentina COLLA, Rachel LOMBARDI, Pierre JORIS, Dr. Klaus H. SOMMER, Julien GUERRIER, Lisbeth RANDERS

Industry should play a major role in a future zero waste circular economy, become climate neutral and develop more synergies with local communities, while continue offering jobs, growth and prosperity. But how? Have you ever heard about industrial symbiosis? Because together we are cleaner!

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Living in the shadows - those outside the prosperous circle

Speakers: Ramon SANAHUJA, Virginia WANGARE GREINER, Sarah SPENCER, Eleftherios PAPAGIANNAKIS, Michele LEVOY

The current economic growth model is increasing social inequality between and within countries. This session will showcase innovative practices in cities working with undocumented migrants, and discuss how bringing all actors together for a prosperous and more inclusive society.

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Key digital technologies and strategic supply chains: EU in a global context

Speakers: Peter BAUER, Ben RUCK, Laila GIDE, Ana JUAN FERRER, Francesca ROSSI, Lucilla SIOLI, Christian SCHYR

Technologies such as micro- and nano-electronics, photonics, software and high-performance computing play a key enabling role in the ongoing digital transformation of the economy and the society. Yet, in the last twenty years, the contribution of European industry and businesses to the world-wide digital supply chain has shrank gradually. In a globalised world of heightened uncertainties and volatile geopolitical interests, how can the EU build on its strengths and act appropriately? Speakers will look into digital technologies and establish links with driver applications. They will address emerging challenges and opportunities for Europe and debate on Partnerships as strategic instrument for implementation.

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My neighbour the factory

Speakers: Ena VOUTE, Björn SAUTTER, Lise-Ann SHEAHAN, Martina SZABO, Lucilla SIOLI

This session will focus on new factories in urban settings. We will debate people’s perspective on manufacturing and on specific suitable technologies for small, creative factories.

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The EU SPACE Programme for you

Speakers: Matthias PETSCHKE, Guglielmo AGLIETTI, Pierre DELSAUX, Monika JONES, Jérémie GODET, Facchini MAURO, Bojan BOJKOV

Discover the latest state of play of the EU flagship space programmes - Copernicus, EGNOS and Galileo – and their key role in our daily lives. You will learn more about their services, the key areas of application and their future evolution. You will hear about current research and development funding programmes, supported by real examples of space-related projects, but also get an idea of the future R&D opportunities. Don’t miss this occasion to engage with space specialists and explore what space can do for you.

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Human-centered Artificial Intelligence

Speakers: Virginia DIGNUM, Àngels ORDUNA-CAO, Barry O'SULLIVAN, George TILESCH, Khalil ROUHANA

The concept of AI made in Europe covers the whole R&I value chain, from basic research to innovative applications. The session will present the AI R&I value chain, analyse several R&I technological issues, discuss impact of AI technologies and the user needs (in particular, from industry) and it will touch two subjects that bridge research and policy making: Ethics and impact on the future of work.

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From Knowledge exploration to knowledge exploitation

Speakers: Irene NORSTEDT, Špela STRES, Andre CONVENTS, Markus WANKO, Alison CAMPBELL

How to improve interactions between science and industry? Best practices on knowledge valorisation, exploitation and impact of investment at the national/regional and EU level.

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Industry working for people and planet

Speakers: Fernanda FERREIRA DIAS, Mark NICKLAS, Lucilla SIOLI, Peter DRÖLL

The Horizon Europe “Digital, Industry and Space” cluster is about technologies that will change the way we live and work, while protecting our planet. Which should be the guiding principles to make them work for people, planet and prosperity?

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Re-defining Prosperity

Speakers: Sandrine DIXSON-DECLÈVE, Kate RAWORTH, Ivan MCKEE, Peter DRÖLL

This session will take stock of existing definitions of prosperity, sketch-out a new definition and identify the main action lines to accelerate transition to prosperity.

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Industries: Global players on a clean planet

Speakers: Carlos ALVAREZ PEREIRA, Saori DUBOURG, Margaret HAMBURG, Carl DE MARÉ

How can energy-intensive industries become low-carbon and contribute meeting the Paris Agreement targets? The session will discuss the importance of global industrial engagement and how to make it happen; the need for global cooperation and novel partnership models; and the role of policymakers in underpinning such global initiatives.

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Making Robots work


Industrial robots spur automation thus increasing productivity and product quality. The challenge arises about how should they be used according to standards facilitating human-robot collaboration and interoperability between different robots.

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Young, Innovative, Together for the Climate

Speakers: Max VON WOLFF, Francisca MARTINS, Mohamed RIDOUANI, Clara DE LA TORRE, Peter DRÖLL, Class 1e8 French High school Jean Monnet

Young people are curious, inventive, mobile and well-connected and thus natural conveyors of new ideas and innovations. We will explore how their potential can be further mobilised to help shape the transition to a sustainable and climate-friendly society and economy.

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Materials and Technologies enabling 360° progress

Speakers: Konstantinos CHARITIDIS, Merle MAIGRE, Philippe MILS

Materials and technologies for civil research can enable security applications and vice-versa. It can be beneficial to both the civilian and security sectors in terms of accelerated innovation and resource efficiency.

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Affordable Tech: Doing better with less

Speakers: Navi RADJOU, Peter KNORRINGA, Madeleine GABRIEL, Anne-Christine AYED

How to combine "smart" entrepreneurship in tech-based applications with a frugal approach (affordable, simple, fit for purpose, inclusive) in an European context? We will dicuss building on successful examples from Africa and India.

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Investing in Millennials and Gen Z skills and wellbeing


Disruptive innovation due to fast technological and societal changes is entering our daily life. Millennials growing up in this era have different expectations than previous generations. What they expect beyond a good salary is feeling the societal purpose of their job. What are we doing to prepare the next generation of researchers and innovators?

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Marketing or for real? Sustainable finance for R&I

Speakers: Martin SPOLC, Dawn SLEVIN, Hanna LUCZKIEWICZ, Gwen YU, Benjamin HARTMANN, Alexandra SOMBSTHAY

The session gives highlights on sustainable finance, including a strong green finance component that aims to support economic growth while ensuring sustainability.

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Cluster 5 climate, energy and mobility

Technological leadership in renewables and energy efficiency

Speakers: Vincent BERRUTTO, Dirk VANSINTJAN, Andrea VOIGT, Simon PERRAUD, Jutta PAULUS, Daniel CUEFF

The EU is a worldwide technological leader on renewables and energy efficiency. Besides cutting energy cost and lowering the demand, what about creating jobs, competitive industries and a positive commercial balance? The discussion will focus on energy at local/community level.

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Connected automated mobility

Speakers: Angelos AMDITIS, Françoise GUASPARE, Erik JONNAERT

Before connected and automated vehicles can be deployed, let's discuss what are the challenges in terms of safety, security and managing users trust. How to buy-in potential users and increase public acceptance?

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Europe’s Clean Energy Future

Speakers: Linette KNUDSEN, Álvaro BELTRÁN, Heather MCKAY, Patrick CHILD, Hans VAN STEEN, Sokratis DIMITRIADIS, Ana BARTOLO

The session will discuss how clean energy innovative solutions in cities and local communities can be shaped and developed in cooperation and dialogue with citizens, innovators and young professionals.

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Railways of the future

Speakers: Christopher IRWIN, Carlo M BORGHINI, Gilles PETERHANS, Corinne TALOTTE, Keir FITCH

Rail is a vital component of the EU’s transport system, especially for freight. The development of innovative solutions and their accelerated deployment are vital in order to decrease GHG emissions of transport by increasing the modal share of rail. Coordinated joint efforts are needed to use the potential of digitalisation and automation and make rail operations and the rail industry more competitive, also on global level.

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Smart electric mobility

Speakers: Stephan NEUGEBAUER, Laurianne KRID, Els DE WIT, Julien MARTIN

What are the challenges and opportunities of automotive and energy companies for electric vehicles in the next decade? What room for potential relevant partnerships within Horizon Europe?

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Sustainable built environment

Speakers: Susan (Sue) ARUNDALE, Emmanuelle CAUSSE, Paula REY GARCIA, Hélène CHRAYE

Climate change, resource shortage, increasing population and urbanisation call for rethinking our approach to built environment, an area that is critical for the EU and its citizens.

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Climate Science

Speakers: Heleen DE CONINCK, Colin JONES, Daniela JACOB, John BELL, Piotr TULEJ

The session will be based on the portfolio of Horizon 2020 projects in climate science which has over the years supported the work of the Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change in its reports, such as the ‘Special Report 1.5°C’.

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Clean Europe – Making carbon-neutrality a reality


The session will discuss what our future energy and mobility systems – both critical to any decarbonisation strategy – could look like, and what needs to be done to achieve such a futuristic scenario, in particular from a R&I perspective. Overall, it should clarify which sectors will need more investments, and of which magnitude.

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Decarbonisation: pathways from vision to reality


Join and listen to the main findings and recommendations of the High Level Panel on decarbonisation, which delivered its final report at the end of 2018.

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Safe journey!

Speakers: Manfred MUELLER, Manuela TOMASSINI, Luc TYTGAT, Christopher IRWIN, Elisabeth WERNER

How to keep safe and “cool” while moving around the globe? E.g. on the air, on the sea or on the road! Join us and learn from pilots and safety experts.

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Digitalisation of energy and transport: data-driven services

Speakers: Marisca ZWEISTRA, Germán HERRERO, Nikolina APOSTOLOVA-RIEHL

The session will discuss the digitalisation of the energy and transport sectors and their transformation into data-driven services. Where do we have to act and what R&I actions are needed to make it a reality? Questions to be discussed will be among others: How can digitalisation of the transport and energy sector contribute to make the sectors more efficient and to make our planet cleaner? What are the main obstacles for providing new data services for both the transport and energy sector?

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Euratom research for all

Speakers: Bernard BIGOT, Patrick CHILD, Nathan PATERSON, Eric VAN WALLE, Elena RIGHI-STEELE

Euratom research and innovation development in nuclear science and technology, safety and security have high impacts throughout society: a) scientific excellence, promoting the creation and diffusion of new knowledge and skills; b) energy and non-energy applications, technologies and cutting-edge solutions contributing to sustainable global challenges; and c) economic and societal impact by fostering breakthrough innovation, strengthening EU technological leadership and market deployment of innovative solutions.

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Alternative fuels and energy carriers


Decarbonising transport is challenging and the availability of sustainable alternative fuels and energy vectors will play a fundamental role. Electricity is the most mature and affordable available solution, but other solutions such as bio and e-fuels need to be explored.

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Tomorrow’s aviation

Speakers: Grazia VITTADINI, Hervé MARTIN, Stéphane CUEILLE, Miguel CASTILLO, Philippe BEAUMIER, Kolja KINDLER, Henri WERIJ, Andrea GENTILI

Aviation is preparing to undergo a new pioneering and transformative era. New hybrid-electric and electric aircrafts will have a transformative positive impact to emissions and noise. A European leadership is win-win for environment and our industry.

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Nurturing champions in energy and transport


The session will showcase success stories from EU R&I supporting market uptake and future champions in energy and transport. It will look at lessons learned conducive to a highly innovative ecosystem and at synergies with other EU instruments and programmes.

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City as Innovation Lab

Speakers: Margit NOLL, Jürgen RÜTTGERS, Riccardo CRESCENZI, Nathalie GURI

The session aims to present and discuss the High Level Expert Group Report ‘The Human Centred City: Opportunities for Citizens through Research & Innovation’ and EU’s R&I future objectives for and with cities in view of Horizon Europe and its Mission on ‘Climate-neutral & Smart-Cities’.

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Energy for All – International cooperation and SDGs


Energy is the major challenge in mitigating climate change today and among the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals. This session will focus on developing countries with the example of Africa and will highlight the benefit of international cooperation on energy innovation.

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The future of shipping starts now!

Speakers: Magda KOPCZYŃSKA, Henk PRINS, Faig ABBASOV, Paolo GUGLIA, Sinikka HARTONEN, Andrea GENTILI

This session will address the role of R&I in meeting the challenges for shipping like decarbonisation, connectivity and automation as well as the competitiveness of European shipping sector in context of the ‘Strategic Plan’ for Horizon Europe.

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Future generations of sustainable batteries

Speakers: Philippe JACQUES, Kristina EDSTRÖM, Oliver SCHAUERTE, Patrick DE METZ, Clara DE LA TORRE

Today’s environmental and social challenges in the transport and energy sectors imply a radical transformation towards the use of clean technologies. Join the debate on challenges and opportunities of battery production in the EU.

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Clean and affordable energy and transport for citizens

Speakers: Robert BRAUN, Chris FOULDS, Marianne RYGHAUG, Imre KESERU, Helen SPENCE-JACKSON

It’s not just about technology: decarbonising Europe’s energy and mobility systems goes hand in hand with changing values, lifestyles and business models. Understanding these changes and creating more space for citizens requires contributions from both STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and SSH (Social Science and Humanities) disciplines.

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Energy Storage

Speakers: Mich Bradley HEIN, Hege BRENDE, Els DE WIT, Tudor CONSTANTINESCU, Michael GEYER, Patrick CLERENS

Current energy system transformation requires innovative methods to store energy. Based on capacity and response time, different solutions of energy storage will be discussed in this session.

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Infrastructure, network management and multimodality

Speakers: Elena DE LA PEÑA, Johanna TZANIDAKI, Jos ARTS, Herald RUIJTERS

Infrastructure and network/traffic management are vital components for an efficient multimodal mobility system: raising capacity and safety, reducing delays, emissions and costs, as well as enabling seamless multimodal travel for passengers and freight.

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Cluster 6 food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment

How to make our Planet healthy again


A lively debate on the challenges, opportunities and needs to get a sustainable and healthy planet. The aim is to provide insights on future work programmes and policy making decisions. The key note speakers will describe the importance the challenges of achieving long-term decarbonisation targets and overall social, ecologic and economic sustainability. They will also outline the systemic changes needed to achieve and maintain a healthy planet.

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The future of plastics

Speakers: Doreen FEDRIGO, Andrea BOZIC, Maurizio CRIPPA, Lawrie MCLAREN

How does Europe need to act on the multiple challenges and advantages plastic brings? How can Research&Innovation help? What role can all stakeholders play?

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Food, gut bugs and health - the Microbiome

Speakers: Aleksandra MALYSKA, Yolanda SANZ, Jeroen RAES, Fabio FAVA

EU support is enabling research to advance our understanding of the human microbiome and the interactions between food and our body. The causes of diseases still need more research, but nutrients, microbes, genomic and lifestyle factors are also key players for human health.

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Innovative, smart, vibrant and circular rural areas

Speakers: Shane WARD, Elisa RAVAZZOLI, Steffen HESS, Francesca WHITLOCK, Enrique Javier NIETO ANTON

Inspiring rural innovation examples in social innovation, digitalisation and circular economy will demonstrate how these can bring new opportunities for rural people, while enhancing environment and climate performance.

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Food, feed, fibres, fuels: Enough biomass for a sustainable bioeconomy?

Speakers: Janez POTOČNIK, Joachim VON BRAUN, Joachim KREYSA

Speakers will discuss the tension between increasing biomass demand, sustainable supply and protection of ecosystems and how to optimise bioeconomy policy in view of the reaching targets related to food security, renewable energy and climate mitigation.

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Circular food cities

Speakers: César ALIAGA, Naomi MACKENZIE, Anastasia HOFMANN, Roberta SONNINO, Håkon JENTOFT

Cities are potential hubs for innovative and sustainable food and circular systems. Local-based solutions can be tested and implemented with significant social, environment and economic benefits. What are the main potentials and challenges from an urban perspective?

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Bio-based economy – innovations in practice

Speakers: Ignacio MARTIN, Holger GERDES, Malene Sand JESPERSEN, Riccardo SCHIATTI

The session will look at bio-based innovation: main challenges and potentials (research, macro-regional (Bio-EAST), industrial and environmental aspects), and future R&I (Intervention Area 6.4 “Bio-based innovation Systems”, and potential European Partnership for a Circular bio-based Europe).

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Transforming of Food Systems for People, Planet & Climate

Speakers: Mark REDSHAW, Corinna HAWKES, Merete JOHANSSON, Charles GODFRAY, Samantha BURGESS, Jamie MORRISON, Bernhard KOWATSCH

Our food systems are unsustainable. How can they be urgently transformed to simultaneously address multiple-objectives - climate, environment, safety, nutrition for health, and inclusion? A systemic approach to R&I will provide new opportunities and solutions, and support evidence-based policy making and implementation.

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Upscaling agro-ecology through open innovation

Speakers: Luis NAVARRO, Christian GARY, Jannes MAES

Join and discuss the Horizon EU strategic plan for research and innovation activities supporting agro-ecology, especially through the development of place-based open innovation initiatives such as living labs.

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Beyond 2020: reversing biodiversity decline

Speakers: Xavier LE ROUX, Ingrid VISSEREN-HAMAKERS

Biodiversity is declining faster than any time in human history. This workshop aims to join forces around EU and policy actors to reverse biodiversity decline, focusing on key messages from recent reports on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

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Natural resources in a changing climate – spot on agriculture and forestry


How will innovation support the nexus between climate – water – nutrients in primary production (agriculture and forestry)? And how could Horizon Europe play a role in it?

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Let nature be the solution

Speakers: Stewart MAGINNIS, Karen SUDMEIER

What are the R&I priorities for nature-based solutions in our transition to sustainability? Discussions will touch upon different challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, natural disasters, ecosystem degradation, pollution, social cohesion and well-being.

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Cross-cutting, support and implementation

Thinking the future: Strategic foresight in EU Research and Innovation

Speakers: Kerstin CUHLS, William GARCIA, Valdemaras RAZUMAS, Katarin WAGNER, David LYE, Nikolaos KASTRINOS, Lidia BORRELL-DAMIÁN

An interactive session showing how we bring foresight into R&I policy, supported by a panel of foresight management experts from industry, academia, national administrations and stakeholders, and including outcomes of recent foresight projects used in strategic planning of Horizon Europe.

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The Innovation Principle. What can it do for sustainability and what can we do for it?


Europe’s attractiveness for research and innovation investment requires pro-innovation mind-sets and enabling EU rules. Join the discussion on how the innovation principle can ensure that EU rules create the best conditions for innovative activities yielding social and environmental benefits.

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Synergy labels: a catalyst for additional funding opportunities

Speakers: Axel KREIN, Wolfgang BURTSCHER, Stefania CRUCERU, Philippe MENGAL, Magda DE CARLI

How can we capitalize on the Horizon 2020 proposals which are of high-quality but do not receive funding due to budgetary restrictions? In this session, the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) and Clean Sky will present their experiences and lessons learned.

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The Missions: let's get started

Speakers: Carlos MOEDAS, Jean Eric PAQUET, Mariana MAZZUCATO

An overview of the main principles and operational characteristics for designing and implementing missions in Research and Innovation programmes.

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Better services for project proposers


National Contact Points for Horizon Europe and other relevant structures such as Enterprise Europe Network will discuss new methodologies and services for potential participants, including in Widening countries.

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Exchange information and intelligence for better European R&I policy

Speakers: Jacqueline GRECH BARBARA, Patrick CHILD, Lidia BORRELL-DAMIÁN, Alessandra COLECCHIA, Karin AASE

The session will outline feasibility and benefits of creating a common EU data hub with information stemming from the publicly funded competitive R&I investments in Europe.

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Communicating Europe through Science Diplomacy

Speakers: Her Royal Highness Princess Of Jordan Sumaya BINT EL HASSAN, Jean-Pierre BOURGUIGNON, Paul RÜBIG, Christopher FALL, Marga GUAL SOLER, Maria Cristina RUSSO, Jean Eric PAQUET

How to communicate Europe through Science Diplomacy in times of persistent disinformation? We will discuss on how combining tradition with modernity and on the use of a large range of tools.

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Taking social innovation to scale

Speakers: Madeleine CLARKE, Amalia ZEPOU, Filipe ALMEIDA

How can the EU best help improve the lives of people and communities across Europe and associated countries with social innovation using, esp., InvestEU and Horizon Europe? The session opens the discussion.

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Bridging, Widening, Sharing: let's Advance Europe together!

Speakers: Zlatuse NOVOTNA, Vesna BENGIN, Jana PAVLIC, Pierre-Alexandre BALLAND

The challenge of the Research and Innovation divide in Europe in the perspective of innovation geography. Why does place-based innovation matter? How to ensure mutual gains across Europe? What do the current beneficiaries say?

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Horizon Europe toolbox: simplify the life of researchers


Horizon Europe aims at further simplification beyond Horizon 2020. This means improving guidance and tools for applicants and beneficiaries and relevant interfaces, to make them more user-friendly. The session will focus on the variety of aspects covered by the implementation strategy of the future Horizon Europe. To this aim, the Commission in a co-design exercise with stakeholders is carrying out a full analysis of the entire project lifecycle, assessing areas for improvement and further simplification.

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Horizon Europe Mission on Cancer

Speakers: Irene NORSTEDT, Barbara KERSTIENS

Discussion about a Mission on Cancer. Join the debate on relevant aspects, including cancer prevention, prediction, detection, diagnosis and treatment; quality of life and end of life care; public health policy and practice; ethics; etc.

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Horizon Europe Mission on Climate Adaptation

Speakers: Piotr TULEJ

Discussion about a Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change, including Societal Transformation. Join the debate on relevant aspects, including climate change adaptation and mitigation; systemic and nature-based solutions; environmental advocacy and citizen engagement; sustainable production and consumption; disaster risk reduction and management etc.

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Horizon Europe Mission on Cities


Discussion about a Mission on Climate-neutral and Smart Cities. Join the debate on relevant aspects, including climate change mitigation and adaptation; air quality; spatial planning and development; energy efficient buildings; urban infrastructures and networks, including transport and logistics systems, energy, water etc.

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Horizon Europe Mission on Soil health and food

Speakers: Phil HOGAN, Cornelis Pieter VEERMAN, Tom TYNAN

Discussion about a Mission on Soil Health and Food. Join the debate on relevant aspects, including soil management in agriculture and forestry for food and nutrition security, and the delivery of non-food products and public goods; soil management beyond agriculture and forestry; restoration and remediation of soils, brownfields, soil sealing; potential of soils and soil management practices for climate mitigation and adaptation; etc.

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Horizon Europe Mission on Oceans

Speakers: Karmenu VELLA, Pascal LAMY

Discussion about a Mission on Healthy Oceans, Seas, Coastal and Inland Waters. Join the debate on relevant aspects, including systemic solutions for the prevention, reduction, mitigation and removal of marine pollution including plastics; transition to a circular and blue economy; public awareness raising; development of new materials; urban, coastal and maritime spatial planning etc.

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Detecting excellence: accessible and transparent proposal evaluation in Horizon Europe


Proposal evaluation is central to the success of Horizon Europe. The system has to be world-class, as transparent as possible, and trusted by applicants. Seize the opportunity to review and discuss key components of the proposed new system.

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A new era for ERA – Building a coalition of the winning


20 years after its launch, the European Research Area is in need of a new vision. How should this look like to convince the most important stakeholders of the benefits of ERA and have them committed to it? The session will bring together public authorities, universities and research organisations, but also businesses, individual researchers and citizens to discuss on the benefits that ERA could offer in the future and how to build a coalition of the winning to move it forward.

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Fly me to the moon: What shakes the future of R&I?

Speakers: Daria TATAJ, Sylvia SCHWAAG-SERGER, Darja ISAKSSON, Kirsten DUNLOP, Ailin HUANG, Ann METTLER

How can research and innovation propel deep social, environmental and economic change to build a secure and happy Europe? Let’s turn the imperative of sustainability into opportunities!

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Going global for greater impact

Speakers: Stuart ANDERSON, Anita Krohn TRAASETH, Michael MAKANGA, Sanja DAMJANOVIC, Matthias EGGER

Global challenges need global solutions and global efforts in research and innovation. On the other hand, the global order based on multilateral rules and values is under pressure, requiring a combination of soft and hard power. As a global leader, the EU will boost international cooperation to create synergies in strategic domains to maximise the impact of research and innovation.

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Synergies across Union programmes. More bang for the sustainability buck

Speakers: Julia SCHMALENBERG, Patrick CHILD, Berta MATAS GÜELL, Paul WEBB, Roman DOUBRAVA, Vesa TERAVA, Clara Eugenia GARCIA

Is there an overall and coherent approach in the EU to deliver on our sustainability objectives? Synergies from funding R&I to deployment and use of innovative solutions across the economy. The session will explore potential synergies harvested across all the post-2020 MFF programmes for better delivering our shared objectives.

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Are we equipped to measure the changing world?

Speakers: Walter J. RADERMACHER, Monica PRATESI, Enrico GIOVANNINI, Diego KUONEN, Pierre-Alexandre BALLAND

The world is changing fast. Digital technologies are merging with the physical world and making innovation increasingly complex. But are we well equipped to measure this changing world?

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Synergies in action: Regions in the lead!


The session will explore potential synergies between Horizon Europe and EU cohesion policy for the benefit of regions. How to enhance the regional dimension in Horizon Europe while maintaining the principle of excellence? Will EU missions open up new opportunities for synergies?

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Research and Innovation evidence: ingredient for better policy making


The discussion will demonstrate the potential of the (untapped) evidence generated by R&I projects for policy making. Various actors will highlight their specific needs about when, how and why policy uptake is needed at their individual level. Furthermore, obstacles (such as timeliness of policy relevant evidence) and necessary conditions (such as availability/accessibility of policy relevant data and stakeholder engagement) for an efficient feedback to the policy process should be identified. The session aims at harvesting ideas and best practices through interaction with the audience on how to identify timely policy trends and great emerging challenges that need to be tackled.

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European Partnerships: Impact for Society


The session discusses the new policy approach, design and priority areas for European Partnerships under Horizon Europe and taps into collective intelligence to ensure that next generation of Partnerships deliver on impact.

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Horizon Europe strategic planning

Speakers: Jean Eric PAQUET

A final session to summarize the main messages from the discussions related to Strategic Planning over the past three days and to set the scene for the steps ahead till the implementation of Horizon Europe.

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Conversation with Nobel & Kavli Prize Laureates: Is blue-sky science sparking innovation?

Speakers: Carlos MOEDAS, Helga NOWOTNY, Ben FERINGA, Jean-Marie LEHN, Christine PETIT, Virginijus SIKSNYS, Emmanuelle CHARPENTIER

Kavli and Nobel Laureates discuss the link between fundamental research and disruptive innovation.

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Stakeholders views on the future of research and Innovation

Speakers: Carlos MOEDAS, Jean Eric PAQUET, Paul BOYLE

Director-General Jean-Eric Paquet presents the conclusions from the strategic plan sessions and the Horizon Europe Village. Presentation of stakeholders’ vision on the future of European research and innovation to the European Union Institutions

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Links to Horizon Europe pillar 1 and 3

The EIT: driving European innovation

Speakers: Dirk Jan VAN DEN BERG, Solvita KOSTJUKOVA, Tiago MENDES, Begoña ARANO, Maria TSAVACHIDIS

Through the integration of education, research and innovation, the EIT aims at strengthening local innovation ecosystems that tackle global challenges. By fostering interactions across-Europe among local innovation ecosystems and by providing innovative education & training programmes, EIT’s efforts aim at targeting also regions and countries with low innovation performance, in synergy with Smart Specialisation strategies.

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Universities in innovation ecosystems


Universities renew themselves in response to their environment and the demands of our time. By interacting with other actors in the innovation ecosystem such as industry and public authorities, they drive ecological, social and industrial transitions while fostering synergies between their main missions for education, research and innovation. Join the discussion on challenges and opportunities of such ecosystems and how they will shape our future.

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Open Science is the new normal

Speakers: Catherine STIHLER, Karel LUYBEN, Shreyas MUKUND, Jens Vinge NYGAARD

Open Science is becoming the new normal. This demands all players to access, use and storage scientific data. We will discuss in particular the role of the European Open Science Cloud and the role and influence of the private sector in the management of research data.

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European Innovation Council: catapult your dreams from ideas to scale-up!

Speakers: Nicklas BERGMAN, Jean Eric PAQUET, Mark FERGUSON, Yousef YOUSEF, Ingmar HOERR, Heidi KAKKO, Valeria NICOLOSI

The European Innovation Council Pilot Advisory Board will guide the overall strategy for the future EIC and the design of the funding and support. Listen to some of the Board members sharing their ideas on the future of EIC support for European inventors and innovators.

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Empowering scientists to dream the future - the ERC

Speakers: Ana I. CAÑO-DELGADO, Mordechai, Jean-Pierre BOURGUIGNON, Tony LOCKETT, Camilla COLOMBO

The European Research Council’s mission is to extend the boundaries of human knowledge by supporting the best ideas across all fields of science. The ERC aims to accompany researchers in order to help them increase their impact. This panel session with the ERC President and selected grantees will provide an opportunity to discuss the importance of empowering the next generation of scientists, taking risks while remaining open to unexpected outcomes, and providing researchers with the space they need to develop.

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Institutional Philanthropy Supporting Science, Research and Innovation

Speakers: Àngel FONT VIDAL, Birgitte NAUNTOFTE, Isabel MOTA, Anya SITARAM

The high-level Institutional Philanthropy Supporting Science, Research and Innovation opening plenary will frame the discussions related to philanthropy throughout the European Research and Innovation Days. This plenary will aim to increase understanding of one another for both the European Institutions and philanthropy. It will outline the past experiences of collaboration, the main opportunities and challenges in working together in both Horizon Europe and more broadly for the European Research Area.

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Innovative approach to policy co-creation with Philanthropic actors

Speakers: Carlo MANGO, Anya SITARAM, Jean-David MALO

The session will explore and develop ideas for innovative forms of co-operation of Foundations together with policy-makers from EU Institutions, representatives of the research, innovation and business communities and citizens, NGOs, and social organisations.

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Demonstrate. Validate. Upscale


The session explores how technology infrastructures are providing open testing environments, characterisation / modelling needs and regulatory assessments to accelerate innovations to market. What are the synergies across different programmes; national/regional policies and how can state aid focus public support for demonstrating, validation and upscaling facilities? How can they employ Safe-by-Design and OECD safety standards to increase consumer confidence in new technology-based products?

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EIC Forum: Developing innovation ecosystems

Speakers: Jean-David MALO, Gintaras VILDA, Nicolas BRIEN, Michela MAGAS, Marja MAKAROW, Laura GONZÁLEZ-ESTÉFANI

Horizon Europe’s Innovative Europe Pillar recognises the importance of a thriving innovation ecosystem to share not only ideas and technologies but also to develop policies enabling breakthrough innovators to become world leaders in cutting-edge technologies. An EIC Forum comprising of public authorities and bodies in charge of innovation policies will be set up to coordinate these dialogues for that purpose. To connect the EIC and the European and national innovation ecosystems, the Forum will promote coordination and dialogue between the Commission and Member States.

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Skills development for a competitive Europe. The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

Speakers: Michela PUDDU, Rob SMEETS, Themis CHRISTOPHIDOU, Ludovic THILLY

Equipping researchers with new knowledge and skills, beyond the subject of their research, to boost jobs, growth and investment: how Europe adapts to future societal challenges?

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The promise of citizen science

Speakers: Wolfgang BURTSCHER, Carole PALECO, Mordechai, Rosa ARIAS

Citizen science is an important part of Open Science. But what does it involve, what are its promises, and what is needed from governments, research organisations and others to maximise its potential?

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Leveraging private Philanthropic cooperation to enhance European R&I

Speakers: Stefan GERMANN, Anya SITARAM

The session will present lessons learned from recent experiences of collaboration from both public-private partnerships and Foundation collaborations, and explore best practices, innovative solutions and mechanisms, constraints, and even some failures.

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Let's speak about Europe’s scientific excellence

Speakers: Valeria NICOLOSI, Ben FERINGA, Helmut SCHOBER, Edith HEARD

Scientific excellence needs highly skilled researchers, frontier facilities, and brilliant ideas. Pillar 1 provides for all three components. But how can these components reinforce each other? How to create pathways between scientific excellence and the other Programme pillars?

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Scientific advice to European Policy in a Complex World

Speakers: David MAIR, Pearl DYKSTRA, Ortwin RENN

On the battleground of politics, science can be collateral damage. Complex and carefully weighted arguments can be oversimplified by politicians and the media, and sometimes by scientists themselves. Science can also be used as cover for decisions which are in reality motivated by values, electoral tactics or ideology. How then can science retain its impartial and privileged role in engaging with policy, set clear boundaries, and describe its inherent uncertainties clearly?

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Gene editing – everything under control? Perception and reality

Speakers: Johannes KLUMPERS, Christiane WOOPEN, Janusz BUJNICKI, Robin LOVELL-BADGE

Ethicists and scientists will reply to questions and concerns from citizens about gene editing. What it is for, what are its risks and are these different for plants, animals, micro-organisms or human beings?

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Opening - Keynotes

A lively debate on the challenges, opportunities and needs to get a sustainable and healthy planet. The aim is to provide insights on future work programmes and policy making decisions. The key note speakers will describe the importance the challenges of achieving long-term decarbonisation targets and overall social, ecologic and economic sustainability. They will also outline the systemic changes needed to achieve and maintain a healthy planet.

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Horizon Prize for Social Innovation Award Ceremony

Speakers: Carlos MOEDAS

The European Commission's Horizon Prize for Social Innovation will reward the best solutions for improving the travel mobility of older people.

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Meet the winners of the 2019 EU Contest for Young Scientists

The EU Contest for Young Scientists gives students the opportunity to compete with the best of their contemporaries at European level, meet others with similar abilities and interests and get guidance from some of the most prominent scientists in Europe.

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European Capital of Innovation award

Speakers: Carlos MOEDAS, Jukka MÄKELÄ, Marvin REES, Johanna ROLLAND, Barbara KATHMANN, Bart DE WEVER, Susan AITKEN

This is an annual cash prize awarded to the European city that is best able to demonstrate its ability to harness innovation to improve the lives of its citizens.

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Horizon Impact Awards ceremony

Speakers: Jean Eric PAQUET, Anna PANAGOPOULOU, Paul SAFTIG, Karthikeyan BHARGAVAN, Barbara ZANUTTIGH

This award is the European Commission's initiative to recognize and celebrate outstanding projects that have used their results to provide value for society. These projects must have been funded by FP7 and Horizon 2020 funding programmes and they must be closed by the time of application.

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Falling Walls Lab – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

Come and watch the Falling Walls Lab competition, the international forum for the next generation of outstanding innovators and creative thinkers.

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